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6 Thoughts to “Sourcing on Poshmark to resell! (Week 3)”

  1. r a

    This is funny because I purchased a bundle/lot from you a long time ago and the items you sent were pilly and stained lol definitely super frustrating

  2. The pants look fixable. Pretty good stuff although I'm south of you and rarely see madewell down here. Our GW and bin opened up and I'm guessing there's a lot more wonderful goodies from all the housecleaning. I won't be going because I'm high risk – senior with asthma. I hope you are staying safe beautiful girl!👧
    The rules are: "Don't get it and don't give it anyone" and "6 feet apart or 6 feet under."

  3. love the jacket with the floral embroidery

  4. Yes please let us know what happened with the case! I've had a lot of issues with my purchases as well.

  5. poshmark does let you return a single item in a bundle. ive had this happen also, but it was a customer that wanted to return just one item.

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