Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA | Bulk Books & Goodwill

Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA | Bulk Books & Goodwill

🎉 NEW VIDEO: Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA | Bulk Books and Goodwill. Come take a look into our operation during this chaotic time. I show you our bulk book operation and share a few tips on where to get started… Hint: Goodwill Outlets are a good start. I also take you on my first trip, sourcing books for Amazon, to Goodwill since the lockdown. I hope you enjoy. 🙏🏽

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Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA | Bulk Books & Goodwill

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2 Thoughts to “Sourcing Books For Amazon FBA | Bulk Books & Goodwill”

  1. I see you are an all around businessman. Respect.

  2. Like reselling videos, would like more focus on the item for what it is, was bought for, and comps on how much it sold for including condition.

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