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Social Media Marketing Tips For New Authors | Book Marketing Tips | Indian Booktuber

Social Media Marketing Tips For New Authors | Book Marketing Tips | Indian Booktuber

How to sell your book by social media marketing? Does social media work for newbie authors? Find answers in this video!

About Kevin Missal
Kevin Missal is a bestselling author who is working on two mythological fiction/fantasy trilogies – Kalki Trilogy (2 books are out & are national bestsellers) and Narsimha Trilogy (the book is being published by Harper Collins India)

Find more about his books at http://www.kevinmissal.com

Watch the previous video about writing tips and on how to write a bestseller novel! https://youtu.be/3MNSxdELQoA

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I am Indian Booktuber, a YouTuber who discusses books as I breathe books 😛 Not really, but I LOVE reading books, different genres… fiction, non-fiction, romance, fantasy, horror, thriller, crime, suspense, spy and all the genres!

My goal is to challenge myself as a reader, read different types of books and document my process, in order to help people discover more books and read more books.

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21 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Tips For New Authors | Book Marketing Tips | Indian Booktuber

  1. I have recently written my first novel. Do you also help promote books of other authors?

  2. Hey! Am recently published my 1st novel. How am sell it? Could you plz suggest

  3. Thanks. It's very helpful ♥️??♥️ I hope you check out my poetry book 'paper plane.' https://notionpress.com/read/paper-plane

  4. Very informative. I am on the last step of publishing my second book. There were obvious mistakes I did with my first one, but I want to rectify everything on this one. Is there a way you can help? I' d like to get connected with you or your team regarding this. Please let me know how does it work? Thanks

  5. Very good guys and thank you so much ?…..God bless you both ??

  6. Very relevant….thanks for this one!

  7. Awesome video..❤ Such content will not only help in clearing doubts, or giving an idea about how social media works but also become a better way to encourage the bookstagrammers/booktubers like us. Thank you..❤ Eagerly waiting for the first book of Narsimha Trilogy..

  8. Hey ! great video <3 Kisses from Morocco . Niss

  9. Hey Manpreet will you be reviewing Narasimha trilogy book 1 when it comes out?

  10. I love this series , but the audio qaulity should be better.

  11. Good series… Will be really helpful for those who want to do such stuff. ?

  12. Aap hindi mein bhi videos banaya karein

  13. Ghaas kaat rha tha vrna 1st hi thanks?

  14. Here also 1st viewer…in both your channel first viewer….I had opened the YouTube waiting for your video since last half an hour!!

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