Social Media Marketing Tips for 2020 – 7 Advanced approaches (to DOMINATE)

Social Media Marketing Tips for 2020 - 7 Advanced approaches (to DOMINATE)

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Looking for social media marketing tips to grow your channel in 2020? In this video we breakout the TOP 7 tips that you need to focus on in this new year to be relevant and drive results.

#1 Memory Structure
#2 Video-first
#3 Leverage Scarcity
#4 Live Video + Influencer
#5 Stories Interaction
#6 Repost Network
#7 Action Driving Content

Every year, social media marketing continues to advance and evolve. This is key reason why we must continue to learn the latest social media marketing tips.

The tactics of last year won’t promise results in the new year. So continue to test & learn and evolve your social strategy.

BONUS | Social Media Marketing Tips:
Focus on building in-platform content as algorithms prioritize your organic reach when you are curating the content on their platforms vs. just sharing (i.e. Uploading a video to LinkedIn vs. Sharing a YouTube link).

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  1. Gold! I've actually used the scarcity tactic over time and found that it works especially with a call to action on the "returning content." Ex. We have a restaurant client with a solid loyal following and engaging social media audience. We scheduled in a CTA post mid week that saw good response. Then we pulled back 2 days worth of posts that we typically schedule and on the returning post we recycled the same CTA post and saw an even better response. Will be testing this again!

  2. I have been following for a while now and I am thankful for the all the information and detail

  3. Great content. Thank you for sharing

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