SKYROCKET! Google Traffic With These FREE Yoast SEO Features

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One of my favorite tools to use on WordPress websites is Yoast SEO – the tool makes it so easy for a professional like myself to easily get more traffic to my website without knowing advanced SEO knowledge.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin that you can download for WordPress websites and gives you the flexibility to be a great SEO, even if you’re not the greatest.

I personally use Yoast SEO premium for all of my websites but it really is not necessary when you’re just starting out

In the video, I explain why I enjoy using Yoast for all of my sites and my clients as opposed to the other options out there

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17 Thoughts to “SKYROCKET! Google Traffic With These FREE Yoast SEO Features”

  1. Love the content…so on point!

  2. Google search console has changed since you've uploaded this video. Where do you get the HTML tag now?

  3. Thanks for discussing the FREE Yoast SEO features!

  4. Yeah I realized how powerful Yost was the first time I saw it. But you definitely explain things that people don't keep in mind. At least for me I didn't understand every single feature

  5. Great video and to the point. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  6. very nice video!! really thank you for sharing..

  7. Amazing information . You are great.

  8. Good idea turning readablility off.

  9. What is your opinion about YOAST PREMIUM or YOAST LOCAL SEO? It is worth the money? and why ? How can help you thanks

  10. I never knew about the bulk tool. The redirects is a paid tool though.

  11. Hi Ruan, Would it be possible for you to do A quick tutorial on how to set up a blog on your website, showing us how to do it properly? Cheers, Barry.

  12. What I don't understand about this video is the fact that the exact thing is already covered by at least 150 people on youtube.
    Yet no one hardly actually shows what steps you do to make the page optimized.

    For example are there benefits for people to purchase the pro plugin?
    I mean. Lets say you have a graphic design website. But you also do webdesign, how would you create a good page that covers both search terms, do you need to split things up etc?

    I don't mean all of this wrong, rather a more valid way of learning on how to actually get those optimized pages.

  13. Thank you! This has been a great video. Loved it

  14. Excellent Ruan! Very useful!!!

  15. Ruan thanks for the video. I have also worked on yoast but i found all in one seo better. If you haven't tried, try it once.

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