Single Biggest Beginner Colored Pencil Mistake – Lachri

Single Biggest Beginner Colored Pencil Mistake - Lachri

Are you making this mistake?! I’m sharing the single change that can make the biggest improvement in your colored pencil or even graphite pencil drawings!

Check out the videos from my friends who also made #BiggestArtMistake videos for this collaboration!

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25 Thoughts to “Single Biggest Beginner Colored Pencil Mistake – Lachri”

  1. That's nice 👍 can you make a video on oil painting mistakes ?

  2. I started out with pencils, but now spend most of my time with watercolors – It's a hard move, since, as you say – with pencils, the more time you spend on a project, the more depth and realism you can achieve, but with WC, more often than not, the opposite is the case. You overwork the painting, and it looks less and less good as you do. sigh Knowing when to stop in WC is a hard task, let me tell ya. At the moment I'm experimenting pushing WC the farthest I can with it still looking fresh and not overworked, and then adding the extra color depth and detail my eye and heart still scream that is missing – with pencils. But I have not yet found the paper that will allow me to do that as gracefully as I'd like and get the end result I'm looking for. Experimenting is expensive lol!

  3. I think that beginners need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process of drawing. The goal isn't to finish a work, but to learn as much as you can from the journey.

  4. Lol I love you. Lol. I found you from lindsays video.

  5. Ugh it’s so hard when you love colored pencils but are REALLY impatient (which is why I use markers)

  6. Colored pencil is medium of EXTREMELY patient people. I did a couple of pet portraits in pencil and I love how they turned out – colored pencils are so good for fur texture, but the amount of time it took was just scary, lol. Also – your cat drawing looks amazing!

  7. Classic video fam. So good! 😍

  8. I admit it, I get bored with one project! Well, not bored but more like lazy. Well, maybe not lazy. I think, honestly, I have too many other things to do, not just my projects but too much to do, to focus well on the details. There really aren't enough hours in a day – maybe there are … I mean, I already watch videos while I cook (burns food) and I find myself up until 2 or 3am because that's my quiet time and 6 am or 7 am and out the door … comes so early! I don't know, I am rambling too, drinking coffee! Good advice though! Sometimes, I can't (honestly) tell if "it's" done though, whatever project I am working on. Then I add some more work and I think I've over done it with all the over-done-ness! Your work is fabulous, by the way, and you are so above my skill level, super duper above my level – when it comes to colored pencils, I mean! Good luck to you!

  9. Thanks for this. My daughter listens to you better than she does me. I tell her this all the time when she asks about why sometimes her work is better than other times. She actually just pulled out a piece to rework in an attempt to improve it.

  10. Lmao when all the people I follow post these biggest mistakes videos. I need to get it together Lmao

  11. When I think I'm done, I put the piece away overnight. In the morning, I look at it again and see so many more things I could do to improve it. I'm much more satisfied with the outcome when I spend however long it takes. Thank you!

  12. Great tips as always, but for me, I think the biggest mistake is not being brave enough to use the darkest darks I see in my reference photo. For some reason, I fear that using the dark colors I see with my own eyes will somehow ruin my photo, although I know a good pic needs good contrast.
    By the way, Lisa….I don't usually comment on peoples' appearance, but I feel compelled to say that you are looking really healthy & have a nice 'glow'. My mother would probably say that means something, but I'm not going to say what 😉

  13. Thank you, Lisa! Based on your other videos, I thought for certain you were going to say it was applying too much pressure and filling up the tooth of the paper too soon!
    I was hoping you could please answer two questions as you have time.
    #1. Have you tried the Cezanne colored pencils which the company says are of professional quality for far less money?

    #2. Due to neck and back issues, I also have to work completely upright like yourself. My question is: How do you manage to work with colored pencils so much without being in pain? Like you, I also have Fibromyalgia, and even a few layers of colored pencils is hard. Perhaps you use a certain chair or stool that helps? If so, I'd love to know what kind! Oops! That's three questions! Thanks so much!

  14. 👏🏼I Love your color pencils Tips‼️Love them! You help me improve. I Appreciate it,😊since I work with color pencils. I struggle with: Patience! You’re right Many want to see Results soon. Why do the colors look bland, faded, & Not as vibrant, pigmented, bright Lisa? 🙁is it cause of the color pencils I bought (were cheaper)? What are the Best color pencils I should Buy? I’m tired of my drawings coming out bland! I’m Willing to spent more 💴 if I have to, what do you think I should do? Thanks👍🏼👍🏼

  15. Your tip is so very true, and thank you so much for taking part in these videos!

  16. Decaf. XD But I love your work and your tips are exceptionally helpful. Thank you.

  17. Great advice! I LOVED this series of videos. I made a "biggest art mistake" video too to throw in to the community. You all did so great and the cumulative advice is priceless. Thanks for these.

  18. One of the biggest mistakes colored pencil artists can make is not subscribing to your channel. 🐬

  19. Love these collaborative series. Thanks for the tips 😀

  20. What a perfect tip. I find myself getting so frustrated with the "ugly stage" feeling like it's looking so bed then I think (to myself) "What does Lisa say"? Keep working! It will eventually come together. You're a ROCK STAR in the art world. I appreciate all you have taught me. Thank you.💕🐡💕

  21. This happens to me and it's because I just don't know what else to touch up or how to do it to make it better

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