Should My Son Drop Out of College?

Should My Son Drop Out of College?

During an exclusive strategy session, a mother asked Gary what she should do about her son that wants to drop out of college. Gary advises her to let her son do what will make him the happiest, and what he thinks is the right way of supporting that decision.

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18 Thoughts to “Should My Son Drop Out of College?”

  1. So basically im in college in Belgium. And here we get free college and it does bring you a good job. So its not like im risking student debts or having a degree that doesnt take you anywhere. But i still hate studying and going to class, i know what i want to do. I want to start a transportcompany but im afraid to drop out 🙁 What should i do?

  2. I need a GaryVee in Spanish

  3. If your going to drop out don’t a lazy bitch don’t be a fucking loser do something, try new things so you u won’t be a bum bc you were to lazy to do something about dropping out

  4. I’m turning 20 soon, barely passing any of my classes, and I spend tons of time everyday just doing homework. I know that if I had more discipline like I did before I could get the work done and not worry so much, but the more classes I take the more trouble I have understanding the “why”. Ive majored in computer science and I don’t really see what job that’s gonna get me. The vague description I see is that I’m gonna write programs for some company. I think that I’m physically capable of doing the job but I’m definitely not smart enough to be anywhere near the top of the computer science field. I see myself hitting a pretty low ceiling in that environment. Considered changing majors a few months ago and got convinced against it but now there’s no way I’m continuing in computer science. The two potential futures I see are dropping out and joining the workforce or changing my major to something I’ll enjoy better. Right now, dropping out and getting a job seems really enticing. I’ll go to work, put in some hard labor, and when I come home my time will be MY time.

    Writing is a good way for me to organize my thoughts.

  5. wish i could show this to my mom

  6. Delaware isn’t shit

  7. Hi I dissagree with this guy 100% an college degree is a great thing to have. May I ask is your son having issues in college due to Learning Disabilities? If that is the case you should all check out Landmark College in Putney Vermont they helped me to be able to get the skills I needed to go on to a 4 year college degree in hotel managment and be able to work in a hotel. People with College degrees are 50% more likely to get hired for a job than someone that was a cashier at a loca Walmart or someone that flipped burgers at McDonalds. Please Please do not have him dropout of college. Check out Landmark College it changed my life and it has changed the live of millions of other students that have had hard times in other 4 year college institutions. . By the way I do not work for Landmark College I am just one of there Alumni that the college helped me and I try to promote the college any way I can.

  8. I wish my Mom was this open

  9. this guy should be a college professor better than these college criminal professors.

  10. I think what holds people back from dropping out is because of what were constantly taught in society. from school we were always taught that "you need a college degree to Get a good job" and if you don't go to college you will be nothing. I am currently thinking about dropping out cus of money but then I always think as to why I went to college in the first place. Its because I was told to and everyone else was going so I thought I had got also. Now I realize that I don't need to listen to everyone's else cus I am not like everyone else. Everyone is different in their own way and people shouldn't do something they don't like because society told you to do it. College is still good but there are other alternatives in life than spending thousands for a piece of paper.

  11. College isn’t that smart really it’s for people who really want to go for good like doctors and scientist and all that for me though I’m just gonna do part time at Walmart and enjoy my 20’s party and have fun but not drink just party and have a fun time and when I’m 30 I’ll figure out what I wanna do

  12. always wondering about the questions of all these people.
    Their too weak to just execute… without gary

  13. Really enjoying these short snippets. Easy to fit into small gaps in tasks or meetings.

  14. Yes! I've been trying to tell people this for years. I graduated from high school with a 4.13 GPA and I had doubts about going to college. Went anyway and took out $10,000 in student loans. Dropped out in the second semester. Now I'm sticking to my gut and not finishing although everyone keeps telling me to go back.

  15. Don’t school is everything

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