Setup Retargeting Ads on Facebook in 4 Minutes

Setup Retargeting Ads on Facebook in 4 Minutes

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Facebook Retargeting Ads is one of the cheapest and best way to get conversions on your website so

in this video, I will show three easy steps to set up your Facebook Retargeting Ads.

1. Install The Pixel

– Go to pixels, Click Add Data Source, Assign a Pixel name and put in the URL of your website. Click create then select “Use an Integration or Tag Manager”, choose a partner, in my case Shopify,

Just follow the instructions as it will walk you through on what to do. Copy your pixel ID then go to Shopify. In Shopify, Go to Online Store, select Preferences, and paste the Pixel ID to the Facebook Pixel ID area.

2. Create an Audience

Once your pixel is activated and correctly working, it will collect an Audience and to make sure that it does that accordingly, you need to customize it. To do that, go to Audience under Assets, click Create a Custom Audience. What I would suggest is that you create an Audience for everyone who visited your website in the past 30 days and assign a name to it. Then, create another audience for everyone who purchased from your website in the past 30 days.

3. Create the campaign

Go to Ads Manager, Click create and if it gives you a pop up, select Guided Creation so you can learn more about your options. Assign a name for your campaign, click continue then select the Custom Audiences you have created. What I recommend is that you select the Audience for everyone who visited your site in the past 30 days then Exclude the other custom audience that you have for everyone who purchased in the past 30 days. Upload an Image and make sure that your image does not have too much Text because Facebook may end up not showing your Ad or they will penalize you if it does. Paste the URL of the site where they can purchase your product not the URL for your site’s homepage. Put in the budget that you are comfortable with but I recommend you put in $5, click continue. You also have the option to edit the placement to customize as to where you want your Ads to be seen, it can be shown on the feeds, right column, stories, Instagram and it is completely up to you if you want to unchecked any of the other options. Just make sure to do some research about these options if you’re not very familiar with them. Once you’re done, click confirm. You also have the option to edit your campaign anytime you want to by clicking Edit under the campaign name. Once you are done with all the changes, click Publish then your Facebook Retargeting Ad is good to go. All that can be done in just 5 minutes.


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43 Thoughts to “Setup Retargeting Ads on Facebook in 4 Minutes”

  1. Super Helpful thank you brother

  2. when making this retargeting audience should I put "Include people who meet ANY or ALL of the following criteria:"?

  3. Hi, this was really helpful. Also, one thing I need to understand – in the adset section under custom audience you have used website retargeting for let’s say 30days. Now when you came to Ad section, under Conversion Tracking, do we need to turn on the Facebook pixel too? Or just selecting the fb pixel website retargeting under custom audience at Adset level is enough, without needing to turn on the fb pixel under Conversion Tracking at Ad level.

  4. PLEASE ANSWER, after the 30 days are up do you have to redo the pixel thingy?

  5. I've followed the steps on here but it isn't working. As in my ads are live and active, but just don't seem to be running. I have been running ads for a while and never seen this…

  6. Dude I have never commented on youtube before, you gave an amazing presentation. Most people I have followed and even payed, don't cover this topic and it's so important.

  7. Love your content! Quick question, do you have to have a "minimum audience size" to do retargeting? Or is that only for lookalike audiences?

  8. Hey I Hope I am not too late. Cousin you tell me when you start to retarget people by numbers ? Do you retarget after for example 200 people have watched more then 10 second of your ad video ??

  9. Do you have a video on how to edit/change the audience for the existing ad?

  10. Thanks Travis. Helpful content.

  11. Please help me, I can't create audiences in ad manager because the button is disabled. I don't know why???? Please anyone save me? 🙁

  12. The idea behind every Digital Marketing campaign in 2019 is to target customers and pass them down in their marketing funnel. Retargeting Ads are a form of Social Media Marketing, not the typical banner ads. Retargeting is just like socializing with new people. You don’t end up finding a perfect friend at the very moment. Instead, you start building a bond slowly over time by knowing each other’s personality. You can always harness the power of retargeting, either through List Based Retargeting or Pixel Based Retargeting.

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  13. Spot on and easy to understand! I really recommend this video! Thanks Travis, cheers from Norway!

  14. Thanks, Travis! Great video! So helpful!

  15. Can you use 1 pixel for several websites? Or for different customers all together?
    What if you want to create more than 10 pixels?

  16. This was very helpful thank you!. Just wondering –

    When I run remarketing to an audience that visited my site, does the conversion event have to be a "purchase"?

  17. does all website
    visitors.. does this include add to carts, initiated checkout, etc???

  18. Hey man, quick question…

    This is the scenario
    1) I have an ad budget of $500
    2) I'm running a traffic campaign with a video and retargeting with an image ad to people who watch 25% of the video.
    3) How do I split up my budget?

  19. I am new in Facebook ads and i provide services in eccomerce platform so i want to learn this service and provide sales to clients. I want to learn this technique under your supervision.

  20. This was really helpful thank you!!

  21. So, set up a pixel 2 days ago … help me understand this? If I go into the fbook software and set up a group of link clicks to "re-target", I can send all of them an ad at the same time? Would I be charged if and when any of them re-click on the ad? Can I resend the original or anew ad to them as often as I like, etc?

  22. This really helped a lot man I mean it.

  23. I find this rather disheartening. I need to firstly know what your page is. You are working on a page that does not look anything like what I see on mine. From where to start from is a good start. You have a Shopify web page that is what level ? What face book pixel info can I find looking at this video.? This was so far not information that I could understand. Tagging page development might be a start for me.Stop and start on this video was frustrating.

  24. hey…dope video but whats the name of that track in the backround??

  25. Good video. Would you mind tell me : Does Number of audience matter for Facebook Ads Retargeting to delivery ? What is the minimum number of audience . Thanks

  26. Great video, I made some changes thanks to this. Quick question, do you know if this type of retargeting ad will continue to learn as it goes along? Meaning, anyone who comes to my site AFTER the date of publishing the ad, could it start to include them as well?

  27. wont they continue seeing the same ad forever

  28. Good Job , Very efficient! I loved it.

  29. Guys, I’m new to this game. Please excuse the simple questions,

    So when I retarget, should I use a new pixel for each of my ads?

    I was under the impression that I only needed a single pixel?

    Thanks ahead of time to all who can help out in this navigation!

  30. Thanks for imparting of knowledge for appying.

  31. I’m thinking of spending 15usd per day for 1 month

    But if I do your 5usd approach

    When should I increase to 15 or is it a gradually

    When do you know oh this is the right time to increase ad spend ?

  32. What if i dont have warm audience? Do i have first to make an ad for targeting then i start to retarget?

  33. Why exclude purchases made in the last 30 days? Wouldnt you include so the customers who have already bought can potentially buy again?

  34. How about adding more than 1 ads into the retargetting ad sets? How would it work? Fb will just show 50/50 of its 2 ads in 1 ad set?

  35. here to learn useful information. thanks for your effort.

  36. I am a real estate agent and want to retarget people who clicked on ad and I got their info from a landing page. I just want to keep remind this people I am and keep me in their top of mind. I have their emails and how would I do this and I don't have a website. Thanks.

  37. Great video.. short and detailed. Thank you

  38. False advertisement, I want my extra minute back! Lol thanks for info sir!

  39. Thank you for the video just 1 question. I have 3 different conversions on my pixels. 1) visit home page and few more 2) sign 3) purchase. Now lets say ( i just started ) that i have like 200 conversions on home page 80 sign and Purchases. How can i retarget them? i tried to find where can i use this conversion on my facebook manager ad, and i can use only the audience i used and saved the last time i did my Ad. So basically i dont get how to use that converted people from Pixels as Lookalike audience. Hopefully you understood me and can help me out. THanks a bunch

  40. I have a question, my customer audience less than 1000. Can I do retargeting on traffic Objective or any campaign objective ? Thank you

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