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Selling Low Content On Amazon KDP. Is It Still Worthwhile?

Selling Low Content On Amazon KDP. Is It Still Worthwhile?

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Selling Low Content On Amazon KDP. Is It Still Worthwhile?

In this video I discuss if selling “low content” books (planners, log books, workbooks, coloring books, etc.) on KDP is still a worthwhile, sustainable business. Can you still make money doing this? That is the question I will answer.


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19 thoughts on “Selling Low Content On Amazon KDP. Is It Still Worthwhile?

  1. Good honest video Rob, thanks

  2. Finally, someone who tells the truth about online business. There probably no dead niches. Some work for some people and some work for others. If you find something that you enjoy doing enough to work hard at it, it will probably work for you.
    You mention low content is not your main business. What is your main business?

  3. You said your not doing low content books anymore. What is it that you are doing now?

  4. Such an honest answer! I guess what they are actually asking is "is this an under supplied demand which anyone can make a lot of money easily".

  5. I haven't seen the gurus posting videos about KDP as often as they used to…
    It must mean something.
    I think the fall started when IngramSpark said that they were not interested in distributing blank notebooks.

    "Feb 27, 2020 – Print book distributor IngramSpark is banning low-content books such as notebooks and journals, summary books and any books that mirror popular titles and will remove any existing content that falls foul of its new policy" (Roger Packer).

  6. On 0:15 stop, based on Thailand's economy (poor country), I believe you can live off the profits from KDP, but not in the UK (wealthy country). In the UK & U.S., you practically have to run your own business & receive 100% of the profits unlike KDP (60%-70%).

  7. You just need good Advertisement (SEO/internet marketing) for the market to see your notebooks/journals etc…

  8. Such a good answer to this universal question, Rob. Very eloquently put. I'll be referring to this video whenever anyone asks me the same question. Liked!

  9. Rob another great video Thanks for sharing your honest view !!!

  10. I think nothing seems to be that new on the internet. If you are determined to make it, you will. If people are looking for the easy way out to fast riches, that doesn't really exist. I just got started with low content books at the end of June and much of the advice I saw said do lined notebooks. I started with coloring books. I made sales but I also didn't rely solely on Amazon to let people know about my books. You don't just post it and hope for the best if you want to make money. No business can survive like that.

  11. Thanks again Rob… another great video!.. I look forward to these!!…

  12. Just bought your guide on low content paperbacks

  13. Thanks for your common sense take Rob. Always appreciated! Regards, Norman

  14. It’s a gradual process. And it’s work. It’s not Mario Cart. I always appreciate your realist humility and I mean that as a compliment. Thanks for the good stuff ✌️

  15. Thanks for sharing your honest and realistic views!

  16. great content, I have two questions:

    1) How to get reviews for books with little content?

    2) can I publish on other platforms like lulu, etsy etc… also with free isbn from amazon ?

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