Scaling Facebook Ads To $1,000/Day LIVE (Strategy Revealed) | Shopify Dropshipping

Scaling Facebook Ads To $1,000/Day LIVE (Strategy Revealed) | Shopify Dropshipping

Step-By-Step Facebook Ads tutorial on how to make over $1,000 PER DAY with your eCommerce store as a beginner! Instagram: @BOWLES
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Scaling Facebook Ads To $1,000/Day LIVE (Strategy Revealed) | Shopify Dropshipping

Today I give you a tutorial on how to scale your Facebook Ads step by step to $1,000 a day, then $4,000 a day and beyond easily, even if you are a beginner.

We talk about AdSets vs CBO’s and what you should be doing to optimize your ads and increase your conversion rate on Facebook.

So if you are running Facebook ads for Shopify or any sort of eCommerce, use this as your roadmap to scale your ads. It has made me 8-figures in sales.

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*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables in your success.


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48 Thoughts to “Scaling Facebook Ads To $1,000/Day LIVE (Strategy Revealed) | Shopify Dropshipping”

  1. Hey I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Seeing as theres been an overwhelming amount of people interested in Facebook specifically, I will be putting together a small program focused around that exclusively sometime in the next month or so. I will keep you updated! In the meantime, keep running your ads and SCALING!

  2. Great vid man but quick question. What custom audience are your LLAs using? Also, are you testing 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, etc.. or are your testing 1% – 2%, 2% – 3%, 3% – 4% etc…?

  3. 10:00 <- Guys, the explanation at this time is what sums up what you have to do and how to go about your business when just starting out with limited data and wanting to get into CBO's.

  4. I love this guy’s videos, you make things make sense!! Keep it up brother 😇, also I can tell you love what you do which is why your content is so inspiring you genuinely want to help people. I love it

  5. Thank you for the video man🔥 Though my level of fresh video cutting skillz is even greater 💯

  6. Bossman Hayden with another value banger

  7. watchstore00 brows the exchange market place.this is best store for dropshipping.

  8. what do we do about the long shipping times? aliexpress standard shipping is taking 3 to 8 weeks.. I can't use an agent because I don't have a minimum amount of daily orders, what can I do?

  9. When you scale, do you kill the lower budget campaigns, for instance if I go 5 – 10 – 25 -50. Do I keep all the lower budget campaigns aswell or kill them when increasing budget by duplicate and scaling into new ones? Thanks!

  10. Hi is ecommseason still available to buy

  11. Hello Hayden! Just have a quick question, would you recommend using Carousel for fb advertisement or would you still stick to the usual way? Which one is more effective? 🙂

  12. Would you recommend for a beginner Shopify user to jump into paying theme pages on Instagram for promotional shoutouts or to take the time to learn Facebook ads, then go launch a store?

  13. tbh Hayden please just check what viral com adz producing, just check what they making !! then after promoting this shit you can find 100 videos on youtube who saying that viral video ads producing shit content as like newbie who just learned how to use premiere pro my store doing over 100k month I test every company who produce ads I order some ads but they all are in the same templet some complete BS subtitles bro you have 227k subs I learned a lot from you I means you are the one of guy who introduces me what is dropshipping so please review before promoting any company! thanks if you reading this please review their ads they created

  14. How would you add a new creative to a running CBO? as it resets the learning phase and when do you decide the creative is slowing down.

  15. more content here than any shit coarse you have done. whats with the change all of a sudden??

  16. You just threw some golden infos again man! ONLY one I watch on dropshipping. Honest and professional teacher, incredible! CHEERS!

  17. Crazy amounts of value 🙏🏼 🥵

  18. Keep in mind guys, even if you do $1,000 in sales, figure half of that is product cost, so now you’re left at $500. And if you spent $500-1000 in Facebook ads you actually made 0 to -$500.

  19. T K

    This is all really smart man, the way you run your ads is key because then youre the front of the company controlling what customers see and the store and everything else really just needs to be there running in the background

  20. Nice video. I have general store and i am testing 5 product per day. All products are in that one store with the same pixel. And when i find one winner, i also scale it in this store. What’s your opinion about this?

  21. am interested in your Facebook ad only training course

  22. I ll do you a favour boys, watch this at 2x speed

  23. Hayden you legend.. thanks for the advice bro

  24. Thanks for this, very valuable and educating.

  25. I have enough experience to understand what you were saying here, but what would you recommend to a beginner for creating ad copy and creative?

  26. If I increase the budget of a CBO+LAA campaign it doesn't perform so good. Do you recommend duplicating that CBO to higher budget?

  27. How did you start? When you were younger?

  28. Yesss plsss Mr. Hayden just focus on the facebook ads.. please do more content like this, it really helps us know how to do it. I am really having trouble starting the testing phase, i dunno 100% if the adsets are good or not.. I am letting it run for atleast 2xCPA .. Thanks

  29. How do I find products to sell where a 2 ROAS is profitable? Most of the products I currently sell are just break even at a 5 ROAS.

  30. Hayden what should be the adset budget to test a product ? Thanks

  31. very beneficial video. Thanks man.

  32. Excellent content! Thanks very much for your big help you’re a legend. More FB ads videos to come?

  33. Do you create a new ad account with every new store? When I create ad accounts that are “new to facebook” they are limited to $50 across all campaigns.

  34. I have a question. I have a store that has been doing about 6-10K in sales per day for about 2 months but now my interests just are not working anymore. The LLA’s are doing okay but not the interests. Even after changing creatives the just don’t make sales. Please help me understand why this has happened and any way I can fix it. Any response would be appropriated.

  35. Exactly what we want bro, love it

  36. Hey Hayden,
    Great video. My question is that if i start testing fb ads using interests and they don't get any sales in 3-5 days, should I just consider choosing a different product. And one more question. lets say during the 3-5 day period only one of my ad sets get 1 purchase, should I continue with that ad set or drop it because 1 sale doesn't seem so significant over a 3-5 day period. Thank you!

  37. Hayden, its unreal how much value you give. My question is, if you had around 1k how would you use that money or not to make more of it?

  38. Do you find media creatives will work better then just picture ads?

  39. Nice 👌 so cbo isn't the best way to start adsets are still the way? I been using cbo mostly but if adset is the real way to go ill change. BTW whens the next grandpa video how's he's been

  40. When moving an ad set in a campaign that has an ad set budget (non-CBO) into a campaign that has a CBO, it seems it is important that you should press the "duplicate" button and select the CBO campaign name because you want to maintain all of the data that Facebook has collected for that ad set. Otherwise, if you manually create a new ad set in a CBO campaign that is identical (but not duplicated), Facebook starts from scratch on that ad set without any data. Am I understanding this correctly? In other words, does duplicating an ad set into a different campaign maintain the data collected by the original ad set?

  41. Looks good take away some work I checked them out already gonna give them a shot if still around on my next store launch in about a month see how they deliver on quality like em use em don't 1 time thing n learned lok

  42. always giving super valuable content! Thanks Hayden! Was wondering what are the best payment providers when scaling and how to not run into problems with them?

  43. You are awesome man!!
    Can u make a step by step video for facebook ads?
    I start my business about 6-7 days right now i run facebook pixel ads but I didn’t get 1 sale😣

  44. If you only had a couple of creatives to start with does duplicating the ad set and just letting it run as a copy make any difference.

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