Salvation Army CLOSING Doors! Check This Out!

Salvation Army CLOSING Doors! Check This Out!

Over 300 articles of name brand clothing for $20! Can’t beat that!

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About this channel:
Hey there! My name is Andrew! My lady (Savannah) and I began our retail arbitrage journey in December of 2018! Since then we have done approximately $3-5k in sales each month! Our entire goal is to find a sustainable source of income that we can help others learn as well, with the ultimate goal being a “freedom project”. My personal aspiration has always been to have the ability to take a homeless person from the street, instill a new set of skills and create a successful entrepreneur! This has always been a personal goal of mine as I spent many of my early years in and out of being homeless with my father on the streets of Sacramento, CA. I truly believe that nobody in this country should have to struggle for what others are easily handed. That is the entire reason this YouTube channel was started… To teach and quite possibly help even one person get out of their current situation, or step up their game to the next level! I honestly believe every single person is capable of far more than they are aware of, if only given the knowledge and ability!

On this channel you will find many different things pertaining to the entrepreneurial journey! From Retail Arbitrage videos to web design “how-to’s”, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, motivational content and more!

We always want to network and interact! Let us know what your goals, reasons or driving factors are below!

(Any link to Amazon should be known as an affiliate link. If products are purchased through provided links, I may profit a small percentage of the purchase price for the referral. This in no way should encourage you to use my specific links.)


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