Ross Dress For Less Adidas Ultra Boost $100 Profit Retail Arbitrage

Ross Dress For Less Adidas Ultra Boost $100 Profit Retail Arbitrage

I went to Ross dress for less and found these Adidas Ultra Boost shoes and i will make over $100 profit by doing Retail Arbitrage for eBay and Amazon FBA. So come with me to Ross shop with me.

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21 Thoughts to “Ross Dress For Less Adidas Ultra Boost $100 Profit Retail Arbitrage”

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  2. Just spent $700+ on like 10+ pairs of Michael koora Olympia for $70 each resell is $120-$150

  3. Cleats you skipped go for good money 🤦🏽‍♂️ smh

  4. GBT

    For Adidas it's the 'Art' style code on the tag inside (in this case BY1678). Type in that code when searching on ebay for quicker results and also to specifically identify the name of the shoe. Both of those DT Max '96 were 49.99 at Burlington during the summer btw.

  5. Awesome video man! Thank you for sharing your ways!!! 💪🔥

  6. j c

    whats the eBay calculator that you used?

  7. Hey, At ross I have the best luck with New Balance Wide. Quick flip to double up. Every pair has sold on Ebay in with one week. I hear you though I've been getting skunked at ross lately. 🦈🐋

  8. I resell shoes from Ross all the time. Sorry to say man- I seen those shoes a lot and you’ll prob be lucky to get $50 plus ship for them. Great video tho!

  9. How long do you expect for the shoes to take to sell ?

  10. Great video! My local Ross stores are all trash.I have tried so many times to find stuff and no luck.

  11. I love the shirt you’re wearing. Great find on your personal shoes. Keep us posted on your eBay sales, and thanks for sharing your tips.

  12. Ross is my second favorite store to source, I have five in my town

  13. Hey Shane, Everytime I second guess myself about going somewhere like a Yard or estate sale I know My first choice of going is always correct. Same thing with sourcing stores. 💪🏽 , Got to keep on pushing

  14. The Stella McCartney version is what is worth money, those are all terrains, which sell for about $65.

  15. I had those exact deion Sanders but white and blue when i was 10, when they first came out lol

  16. One of my favorite sourcing spots… always find toys for eBay or Amazon! Great video Shane. Make that money bro!

  17. Another great video! Just wanted to let you know you’ve been a big inspiration to me in starting my own channel recently. Discovered you last year thru your Dollar Tree Surge Protector video. Best of luck in being Full Time now!

  18. Got the same ultra boosts at Ross for about $26

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