Retail Arbitrage vs. Private Label

Retail Arbitrage vs. Private Label

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Guys & Gals,

This video is based on something I have a ton of knowledge on in both respects. I have lived and breathed private label and RA and they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

There is a big lie going around regarding Private Labeling products right now and that is how much it costs to get started. This is setting people up for big surprises and massive failures.

You can thank all the sleazy internet marketers on IG for that one.

As always please let me know what questions you have in comments.

Oh, and check out all the links below for hardware + software! These all come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as I have tried them all.

450 Turbo Label Printer –
Labels for printer – (for 450 turbo)
Eyoyo barcode Scanner – (for scouting)
Taotronics desktop Barcode Scanner – (for listing)
Accelerlist – (listing software)
ScoutIQ –… (app needed for sourcing)

Keep feeding the beast.



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  1. Thank you Hayden for all your excellent information!

  2. Another great video. That would be nicer if you record horizontally.

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