Retail arbitrage: The bargain shoppers who buy just to resell

Retail arbitrage: The bargain shoppers who buy just to resell

With the start of the holiday shopping season, the National Retail Federation estimates 68.7 million Americans will shop online this Cyber Monday. But what shoppers might not know is that the items they buy online could have been sitting on their local store shelves for a cheaper price. Michelle Miller met the bargain shoppers who buy products just to resell them online.

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39 Thoughts to “Retail arbitrage: The bargain shoppers who buy just to resell”

  1. Truth is, only 1-2% of people watching this will actually give it a dedicated shot. We quit our jobs to resell a little over a year ago and we wont ever look back to corporate America.

  2. Gary Vee Trash Talk Vibes😍🔥

  3. Glad to have these guys and also Ryan Grant also speak at our Conference in the previous years!

  4. I have scout iq that works. iso licensed shipping software businesses, avoid fba. subscribe to my channel.

  5. Anybody remember the Christmas episode on the office when Dwight buys up all the dolls and then sells them for like 200 bucks each 😂😂😂😂

  6. "First requirement "
    #1. Money

  7. If people are too dumb to go into Walmart and look for the discounted items themselves….that is their proghtive.

  8. there used to be this guy coming into the store I work at, he used to buy all our winners and like we sell them for a buck and he bought whole boxes, at fist I was like "does he run a club or do charity", but then I came to realization that he was likely reselling them. Like this seems so unethical, and I as a stocker put in work too, and it's not as if I am against people reselling, that's what yard sells are for. But these guys are acting as if they're doing all the work. Like dude, you're ripping people off.

  9. It's a great thing until Amazon requests product invoices for these products. Then their accounts get shut down. LIARS.

  10. How are some of you able to identify profitable arbitrage products outside of the clearance products?

  11. If he has a 200,000 sq ft warehouse and all that product, I would be of the opinion, that he almost surely have people employed, it is unlikely that he does all the work required himself. That is not stated in the news clip.

    That said, he’s good and he’s created a business for himself. No different to anyone who buys antiques and resells or any wholesaler who resells product or someone who buys a house and resells. Buying at a good price and selling on. Best of luck to him.

  12. What is the app they are using to check the stats that fast?

  13. "I make more from the Youtube and social media than I do actually selling stuff." 5:20

    Don't let that be lost on you.

  14. Reezy is a good guy. He helped me out a lot in the beginning, even answered direct messages even though he didn’t know me.

  15. Flippin' & stackin' them dead president's!

  16. Reezy is a local homie of mine, so stoked to see him killing it and landing on CBS. Keep up the good work man!

  17. I started with $5 and compounded it. My wife got to wuit her job and come home as a part time reseller. Just started a series of videos, starting with nothing but your phone and what you have laying around your house. You can find it on my youtube profile (: happy flipping

  18. And they forget the failure rate is very very high

  19. My story with selling on eBay. So I got this brand new and unopened sony stereo system laying around unused in my basement. I decided to sell it on eBay. I listed as a new item with no returns. I sold it for $100 with free shipping. (This item retails for $150.) Well, turn out the shipping cost mailing the system to him cost me $68. With eBay, PayPal and USPS fees, all I made from this was about $20…But this is not end of the story. this buyer change his mind and wants to return the item and wanted me to pay for the return shipping. I said no. Then this guy purposely broke the unit and made a claim on eBay that this item is "not working/not as describe". So now I have to take it back and also pay for the return shipping. By selling this item on ebay, I lost $40 and got back a broken stereo system.

  20. As long as they're not on government assistance, then more power to them…

  21. I don’t understand the cha Ching sound. Cash registers like that are few and far between. Just saying

  22. How come this video didn’t even ask how he defends himself? With all of that merchandise and I’m sure cash on board he is a major target to get robbed. And that warehouse better be wired for sound with all of that merchandise in there. That’s what I was thinking while watching this. Hope these guys are packing heat.

  23. Profit is more important than sales. Fake news

  24. it happens a lot in my country indonesia, but the process is we buy online and we sell offline, because the marketplace sell the product cheaper since they got investor to subsidized the product.

    i myself often being an arbitrager here, still prospective as a side income.

  25. Yeah, it’s crazy. People just assume Amazon is cheaper, or just plain don’t realize that there are other websites. Just google the product! I’ve resold on both eBay and Amazon. The stuff I sell, you just type into google, and BOOM! Very first result is where I buy the item from, for half of what I resell it for. Of course, with fees, profit isn’t as much, which is why I have to price it so high.

  26. Its like tressure hunt every day. They are addicted to hunt. Money is just a bonus.

  27. Im a reseller also. 2 weeks ago i bought a 400 blu ray disk player for $15 bucks sold it for $750.

  28. People are mad because they don't have jobs or don't have good jobs.

    Other people are making money by reselling and people are still mad. Yeah…that makes sense.


  30. What is this mans YouTube channel ?

  31. And then there are minimalists who buy almost nothing 😂

  32. I think it's beautiful. Like Reezy said when you help other people, the Universe in turns helps you. Very proud of you guys. Thanks. The Bible says give, and it will be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. Don't be afraid to help others. It won't take anything from you it will only add to your life. And Yes Jonathan Barnes, it is the same as anything else being sold. It is free enterprise. It's exactly how America and the World makes money.

  33. Make 5 mil a year? Not. Bad job.

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