Retail Arbitrage: Reselling Clearance Items Online (Barnes and Noble)

Retail Arbitrage: Reselling Clearance Items Online (Barnes and Noble)

In this video we are sharing with you how went to Barnes and Noble during their 50% off clearance event to do some Retail Arbitrage Reselling Clearance Items Online. We are a full-time Retail Arbitrage family sharing our journey of reselling items just like these on Amazon FBA.

In this video we showcase 3 products that we found that were profitable and how to find products like this if you’d like to do Retail Arbitrage as well.

We share videos just like this in hopes of sharing our lifestyle with others that are interested in Selling on Amazon FBA.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions! We’re always happy to help 😀

– Juston & Kristen


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31 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage: Reselling Clearance Items Online (Barnes and Noble)”

  1. Thanks to everyone for watching the video! Make sure to go follow all of our socials:

    PS here’s a link to the ungating guide video for those interested 👍🏻:

    How to Get Ungated On Amazon – Our Ultimate Guide

  2. Hey Justin Mary here I stayed until the end and it was sweet thanks for the tips on it.

  3. U n Keith look alike! And the hair swirl!😆🥰

  4. Hey Juston, I have a question. I have an item I want to send into FBA. This exact same item is listed on Amazon already but with a different UPC being sold as a quantity of 1. When I scan my UPC it comes up as being sold on Amazon in 12 bag quantities. Any idea why 2 different UPCs? How can I list mine to sell as quantity of 1?

  5. My local Barnes and Nobles generally does not take care of their pops but Ill have to run there tomorrow and see if they have anything worth buying

  6. Ha! This one made me laugh. You are a goofball.. lol. But sooo much good information. Thank you!

  7. also as far as shipping goes for funko…do you just do one layer of bubble and than poly? Thanks!

  8. what do you use to get stats as far as sold units per month. i know you previously stated this. cant find it. do u have a link for subscription?

  9. PRO TIPS=LEGNED!!!! Thanks just got ungated!!!!

  10. great videos! Thanks for the info which app do you use for your retail arbitrage?

  11. overall video quality, skits, info, etc… on point!!!!

  12. back to back to back to back…letsss gooo!!!! Great vid per usual!!!

  13. Because Funkos are collectibles, where do you put the fnsku label?

  14. Hey Justin,
    Thanks for my daily dose of funny 😂.

    Question: I didn’t know about having to ship them to amazon protected. I have shipped a few before mixed with other items as a special packaging requirement didn’t pop up.
    Your video might have just spared me great headache in the future.
    How are you exactly going to ship them to amazon?
    Thanks for this valuable information and the giggles ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Need to buy you a cup of coffee some weekend so I can pick your brain.

  16. Always amazing, helpful and funny 😆 Juston !!!
    Hope Kristen is feeling better! Hope to see more of her again when shes ready to hop back on with you. I’m following your advice on ungating. Just got my LLC and EIN!!!!

    Question :
    The piece I realize I’m missing is how to calculate sales per month on an item(manual calculation or software?). Forgive me bc I feel like it is mentioned in a video. I’ve started going back through them but I haven’t been able to find it yet.
    Anyone remember or know which video I should look in ?
    Thanks in advance!

  17. Thanks Justin and Steven. I always enjoy the info and the funny parts. Lol

  18. Always the best Juston…ThankYou!😊

  19. How hard is it to remove the 50% off tags? Oh hey Steven

  20. I used to not be gated in Funko but now I am, any suggestions?

  21. That was Daffy Duck, not Donald 🤣 in your cartoon insert. You can buy plastic cases for those Funkos that make packing easier than bubble wrap. Do you take off 50% tag, but leave on Comic-Con Exclusive sticker. I will be heading there tomorrow. I did great there on some faux leather covered military books. Bought at $14.95 and sold for $42. I only bought 10 for Christmas because they are heavy and big so worried about storage costs. They all sold, probably to grandpas for a Christmas gift. Loved the video as usual, Justin

  22. You mentioned a ungating video.. Do you have a link?

  23. Hey Justin you also need to remind people that pops need special shipping bubble wrap ans a box to amazon as Funko people are very picky and want perfect. Adds a little cost to the product but less returns.

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