Retail Arbitrage For Beginners – The $30,000 FBA Secret

Retail Arbitrage For Beginners - The $30,000 FBA Secret

I’m breaking down one of the TOP beginner FBA secrets that I rarely hear mentioned on other Amazon Retail Arbitrage business channels… RELATIONSHIPS.

Building relationships with stores and managers is one of the biggest tips out there for beginners who are feeling nervous about scanning for your Amazon FBa business.

This weeks challenge for you is to go out and make some connections! Get some manager phone numbers. Get some exclusive deals. Get into some back warehouses. Build. Those. Relationships.

P.S. There is a bonus for you folks who watch to the end 😉

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29 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage For Beginners – The $30,000 FBA Secret”

  1. I’ve worked for Walmart for 23 years here in Texas … so I know a lot of people….I need help getting started and over my fear of doing it wrong!!!!!

  2. Love this video, such great info. And I to feel that same exact way about head figures most if the time…

  3. This video made me happy and way to go! New to RA but am looking forward to implementing these methods

  4. Thank you for the tip, as always.
    Please do a video on q4? Thank you in advance, Nate.

  5. When using the repricer it doesn’t seem to reprice against other collectible conditions is there a way around this

  6. How to create a listing not found on amazon already.

  7. Very good advice! There is no need to be shy when sourcing, although I know this is an issue for many people. I am at the point where there are stores I go into and literally walk straight to the back, grab the dolly and start moving the goods because they know what I want and they text me when it arrives. I even get introduced to vendors from store employees. The biggest thing when it comes to arbitrage is to just DO IT! From there, everything that needs to happen will, eventually. I used to feel strange and then I learned that no one really cares what you are doing. They are busy with their own business. Think about it…when you're scanning you are standing in a store isle looking down at your phone. Nowadays, does that look in any way unusual? LOL!

  8. Not ashamed but some managers and associates look down on it. Had a really bad experience at a couple different stores

  9. Thank you for sharing your great experience.

  10. Great advice. I think the bit about building relationships applies well outside of business and into everyday life. Also being kind never hurts. That said I do try and bring snacks to my local post office from time to time. ☮️

  11. Another awesome video! I haven’t had the nerve to talk to store managers but hopefully soon!

    As a newbie, I’d like to hear your thoughts on clearance vs full price items when sourcing. It seems overwhelming to scan the store to find items! Also, what do you try to stay above for ROI on full price items? (Some of my clearance finds are 100-300% ROI sometimes so I feel like I am super picky when it comes to what I buy to send in!) Clearance has worked well for me thus far but I have started scanning more full priced items lately that I know I’m not gated in. Nothing with great profit yet so I would like to hear your thoughts on this!

  12. Thank you for all of your genuine life and business changing content! Hoping to become more personable while sourcing ( although it’s tough when we are all busy social distancing and wearing masks 😂)
    I personally Would love to see a video on how to get ungated in some of the bigger brands or what to do when your automatic ungated products become gated while you are selling them ! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. I take clothing off hangers, fold, put in cart turn when I’ve hit a bunch of hangers I’ll take them up to a register.
    That ensures they know I’m trying not to help 😏
    Makes checkout and prep that quicker

  14. Personally, I haven’t tried to approach a manager yet because I m unsure of their receptivity.

    My suggestion for your next video would be just a tag along video where you go out and scan your items. Exactly what you take with you and how to use the tools to decide on the spot if it’s a buy or not, what you do before you go (coupons, checking sales papers) and how you bring it all together to ship off. Not sure if you’ve done this type of video as I have not watched all of them yet but this would be good to see in real-time.

  15. There is a lot of items that Amazon doesn’t allow you to sell. You have to be approved by the Wholeseller. So when you scan a product and you think it will be profitable, you have to go into your account to see if you can actually sell it. I haven’t seen one video that has told us that?

  16. I bring Starbucks to one of my fave sourcing locations. They give me extra discounts/free product all the time.

  17. Please do a “getting ready for Q4”

  18. Next Video suggestions: Q4 Preparation and timing to send them.

    Scaling and dealing with bottlenecks.

    Thanks for what you do

  19. Wow! Love this advice. this group has changed my family's life for generations to come!

  20. Thank you for sharing that you are not naturally that guy who strikes up a conversation with a manager type person… but you do it anyway. That means there's hope for me!

  21. Allllright Alllright Alllright ….. Another awsome video sir. Thanks for all the great content . One of the best beginner places to be by far for newcomer's .

  22. I prefer the small group or 1:1 conversations. I don’t like large groups. My start is usually the issue. If they seem great grumpy about my purchase I’ll just bypass and ask about them and their day but if they’re really asking and interested I share freely. I’ve also done the coffees. Guess donuts are next lol.

  23. Love this! I bought flowers for the customer service ladies at a store near us. Why are you giving away all of my secrets! 😂

  24. Once I’m in a conversation I feel fine, but STARTING the conversation is my road block. I just never know what to say to get started.

  25. Great info! Would love to see how to streamline processes. Time is my current issue and it seems to take me forever to list prep and pack!

  26. Thank you!
    As a beginner how to best take advantage of / prepare for Q4?

  27. Always grateful for your tips. Awesome!

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