Retail Arbitrage For Beginners – How To Use The Amazon Seller App Step By Step 2019

Retail Arbitrage For Beginners - How To Use The Amazon Seller App Step By Step 2019

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29 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage For Beginners – How To Use The Amazon Seller App Step By Step 2019”

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  2. So much great advice! Thanks so much Josh! I just started selling in late July and have started off slowly as I have been in school. When I do get out of the house to source I go to clearance aisles and places like TJ Maxx to look for deals. I picked up some kids' shoes on clearance and they already sold! I want to start ordering goods online as it is safer right now with the virus and all.

  3. This is the best step by step instruction for newbies that I have seen. Thank you!

  4. A M


  5. What happens to all your products you send In to Amazon that do not sell in say a month?

  6. Hi, Im not understanding why FBA would be selected when you are shipping the item yourself?

  7. You suggest here to setup shipment to amazon @0.60 per pound as default. and in your example while you are explaining the gopro, the seller app is taking into consideration that the gro pro is probably 1 pound or less, what if its different product, and it weighs more how will does the app figure out the actual wt for it to give a more realistic estimate for shipping…. please elaborate this a bit more

  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and unfortunately, the Camera button in Amazon Seller app is really taking its time. How to access scanner when at a store?

  9. EXCELLENT presentation! Sincere and genuine mentoring. Thank you very much, Josh. This is THE BEST on RA.

  10. Does Scoutify not have Keepa anymore?

  11. Thank you for this!!Much appreciated

  12. Great video best I have seen on the app

  13. Do you need a license to become a amazon seller?

  14. What do you do when Amazon ask for invoices for these RA items?

  15. Nice video subbed and liked. Actually one of the better beginner videos for Amazon Seller App. Deserves more views for sure.

  16. I don't have the paid version of keepa. The sales rank won't show up

  17. Any special setup for the Scoutify app?

  18. Is keepa still included in inventory labs? Since we have to pay for Keepa now

  19. Question about how to get a product to sell if Amazon is on the listing and they practically never sell out, should I lower my price, wait it out, or have items returned and attempt to sell another way? Thanks

  20. Hi Josh, I am still in the gathering information stage for FBA. Could you please give a little more detail why, on this camera for example, why the sellers rank is important, or is it just because this is the only way to find out what the quantity per month that the item is selling? BTW, I am in OKC and am very close to pulling the trigger. I may want to meet up and pic your brain-4 hours drive to DFW area.

  21. Thank you for this excellent presentation. I went to Walmart and I scanned many clearance items, and I was shocked at the high FBA fees, and many of items would have generated losses. When I used Keepa I could see very light sales volume on the few investments I was considering. I chose not to buy anything, and you have just confirmed my suspicions were spot on. You do not make money until your product has been sold and delivered. Keep up the good work! How do you find investments?

  22. Thanks Josh, changing my settings now.

  23. QUESTION: I'm new to all this and just got my Keepa app downloaded I noticed after watching this I'm not able to see the Green line it says I need to subscribe for 15euro a month… Did you subscribe for did it? Or did it just come like that with your Scoutify app subscription?

  24. when does amazon pay after the items sell?

  25. Thanks, bro, all info. is needed for the new.

  26. Josh,
    This was a great video and one that I wish I had seen several months ago. I had no idea about the need to change the settings. Makes total sense. This explains why some of the items previously bought turned out to have such slim margins when sold. Keep up the great work!

  27. Getting a little more in depth in regard to the keepa app, what variance in price do you use as a baseline to say no to a product, for example lets say a buy cost on a product is $20, it's currently selling on Amazon for $64.99, but from the graph on keepa it has trended downward the last 60 days from $79.99 to the current $64.95. I would think the number of sellers along with the sales rank would have an impact on buying decision. If you had 80 other people selling this same item, it would seem even though the rank was good, the price would continue to go down as the supply is very high even though the demand is high.
    Basically what variance do you set as acceptable vs. unacceptable?

  28. Thanks for this information! I will definitely change the way I RA. This makes so much sense!

  29. Glad you’ve also noticed the ridiculousness of those handful of other fba youtubers pulling high sales rank products with ROI under $5 and driving all over the country to do so! Thanks for keeping it real, Josh. Join me in Denton anytime!

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