Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA | This feels like stealing

Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA | This feels like stealing

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34 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA | This feels like stealing”

  1. Heres the link to sign up for Payability. thanks for watching guys

  2. Quelqu'un connaît-il un service autre que ProAmazon pour annuler l'exclusion d'un compte?

  3. You are literally the male version of me 🤯 As your counterpart (😹) just wondering why you choose this type of hustling over stocks? If you decide to get into stocks, please take us with you, I love how your mind works!

  4. What freight you use going to FBA do we have a partner forwarder?

  5. If you need a botter for online releases hit me up!

  6. Dude, not sure what video it was but thanks for the tip on the Usps boxes, sent my first one out today!

  7. Hi. Just saw your video never had thought of this possibility. Thanks a ton for sharing. But I do have some questions. You buy item from store then what do you do with it. Do you have to store it in your house until it gets sold and have to walk to a post office and send it to the buyers address? Do you have to make yourself a amazon seller profile and list all the things you have. Is there a way of just inmediatly sending these items to Amazon let them store and sell and get your commission more or less instant, instead of having all these things lying around your house.
    Thanks again and good luck with the retailing.

  8. Not sure why trading surprised you 😀 arbitrage has been profitable since the Silk Road

  9. hey, im interested in ra but i have a question .. what do you do with returns… i cant find vids about returns..

  10. Hahahahaa “MONEY!!! I knew what he was going to say” you’re training them young!

  11. How much product do you sit on and never sell? I do this too. I look for clearance items and sell them on Mercari App or Ebay.

  12. I am going to target to buy some games. I know which ones to buy and double to triple profit. Subscribe to my channel.

  13. I wasn't having much luck with my phone as a scanner and it's plenty capable a modern smartphone. Is there a trick to make it work good or just grab one of those Bluetooth scanners?

  14. You skipped a WHOLE LOT OF SHIT BRO – How many of that item sell per day?
    You have to go to Jungle scout to see how long it will take you to sell the item… The Lobos you showed on amazon for $64 maybe the only one priced that high and has never sold one before.. so will have to lower the price to sell it… You are an idiot if you do business like this, and a moron to show others this broken way to sell.

  15. eBay is cheaper to sell on than amazon because they charge a smaller fee

  16. How long does it take usually for you to flip items like toys?

  17. I don't get selling via Amazon when you're getting good prices and markups. It seems more profitable to sell via your own store. Shopify is an option, but many other options are under $5 a month for unlimited items and NO RULES or waiting for anyone's approval. Buying google ads showing your awesome prices will put you on top quickly. I guess I just really despise venue rules.

  18. Most toys are restricted now, any tips for doing this? Seems like everything I find I'm not able to sell

  19. Does anyone know when a product you scan shows $30 selling and you make $10 profit for example then a month later the low match price is like $14. Making the item you bought now not profitable. I've been seeing these price changes lately and it's screwing me.

  20. Probably 99% of these people are gated that would wanna try this.

  21. So I have to have good reviews to get the restriction lifted ?

  22. Also save 5% off of everything with a target redcard! More profits for you! That 5% usually covers the tax you would pay for everything anyways.

  23. Well buying everything blindly just because you are approved to sell on Amazon is not a good idea, Retail arbitrage is good until you don’t get caught for IP infringement or counterfeit items, Once you are caught which is very much a possibility, your life will be very short of Amazon, they are cracking hard on RA

  24. What app does he use to scan products?

  25. Good stream maybe add this to my sites

  26. Thanks for the tip to get approval for selling restricted items

  27. Maltomeal lol I love this

  28. Are those Simpson's decks for sale?

  29. Wait so do u pay $40 to sell on amazon then that’s all and u can do what u are doing

  30. Saw the thumbnail in my related videos. As a Kansan and huge KU fan I only clicked on the video because I thought I saw a KU beanie. But I also learned how to resell stuff. Awesome videos!!

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