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Retail Arbitrage FBA from Walmart – What is selling TODAY on Amazon? Beginner Basics.

Retail Arbitrage FBA from Walmart – What is selling TODAY on Amazon? Beginner Basics.

Hey guys! Here’s the first of many more “Day in the life” style sourcing videos as a full time Amazon FBA seller. We basically want to take you behind the scenes to show you what it’s like to scan and source at stores. Today I bring you some Walmart footage and show you exactly what I found, and exactly how much I’ll be making from these items.

Some days you’ll find a lot, and some days you wont. Scanning and sourcing is an acquired skill just like anything else. I’ve been doing this almost 4 years, and it’s my full time job… so I’m pretty darn good at it. Amazon is NOT easy… but it is VERY simple. Just scan… do the math… and repeat.

All in all, I spent about 2.5 hours shopping today. I spent about $1,000. I will sell those products for ~4,600. And my Net profit after everything is said and done will be about $1750… Not bad for half a days work! After buying all this stuff I will need to ship it off to Amazon (Though we’ve hired employees to do this for us). That process wont take too long, and it’s already been outsourced and accounted for in my math 🙂

Lots of people have been asking what tools I use to scan. There are 2 main things I use:

Scoutify two (which comes free with Inventory Lab). bit.ly/HustleIL
And Keepa. https://bit.ly/HBKeepa

You don’t HAVE to have these tools to start, but they are incredibly valuable to my business and I highly recommend them.

We’ve done lots of other videos in the past showing various part of how to do Amazon FBA for beginners, so be sure to check out the rest of our channel!

And lastly, we have an incredible community of sellers over on Facebook. Come join in on the conversation 🙂 Facebook.com/groups/hustlebuddies


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42 thoughts on “Retail Arbitrage FBA from Walmart – What is selling TODAY on Amazon? Beginner Basics.

  1. As a beginner.. those screenshots were completely foreign to me. I have no clue what any of that data means or tells me to do.. maybe explain that going forward so us beginners gain the knowledge please?

  2. Hey, sir, can I do retail arbitrage on Swappa?

  3. Thanks mate, nice video. Could you please let me know how to get an invoice in Walmart which I can use to get the approval on Amazon to sell that product ? Thanks again

  4. I sell at Amazon but swore not to sell food especially Pringles. Hard for me to sell something that have an expiration date. Sometimes they have Pringles at Ralphs at $1 each so why would someone pay so much for them in Amazon? Shipping and storage would eat up most of your profit plus if the main company decides they don't want you to sell their products on Amazon that is it.

  5. L L

    Do you package it yourself? Or do you just send it to an Amazon warehouse?

  6. What app are you using? This is very different from Amazon

  7. How do you keep up with all the items you purchase and also the profit?

  8. How do I sale regular items ?? It doesn’t let me 🤦‍♀️

  9. Do i have to take the items from Walmart to home & than ship it customers?.

  10. Random stuff I've found? Well 2 days ago was my first day out and walmart had clearance vibrators..

  11. Do we require a brand approval for drop-shipping on Amazon?

  12. What app are you using to scan?

  13. What do you do once you buy it? Do you need any licensing? Do I just buy it and box it and include weight? The app gives a barcode for amazon right? Do i drive to the facility or ship it to amazon?

  14. So when you spent your 1000 and said you'd sell for around 4600, is the 1750 net profit after you took away the 1000 you originally spent?

  15. Do you look at sales ranks before you buy?

  16. Is this the 40 dollar plan, or the 0.99 individual plan?

  17. hi im wondering all these products your getting cheap from walmart – how do you know they will sell on Amazon for a profit ? im gusesing you know in advance what resells and what doesnt ? thanks Andy

  18. Hey Bro! I'm from Orlando too! Are you from Orlando area or actually Orlando?

  19. Great Video, Thanks! I'm a newbie and learning the ways….

  20. Great finds. Keep it up brother!

  21. Hi Which application do you use to scan? It seems different than amazon seller app?

  22. What about seasonal items like ice scrapers and deicer spray? Or even pool floaties and other similar things? Are those good to sell now or save them for later?

  23. What app are you using to do your comparison?

  24. Recently started retail arbitrage. Totally lost and confused. Could you please explain about how you keep track of every transactions for tax purposes!

  25. What app did you use to see what it sells for on amazon?

  26. good stuff! thank you very much

  27. So will Amazon buy anything you try to sell to them ?

  28. He has his mask on the wrong way

  29. Do you have to wait until the product sells on Amazon ?

  30. You talking about scan, what type of scan apps are you using ? Thx.

  31. What! 1000 dollars a day? Guess you're banking on income from youtube with funny video titles. Who needs law school when you can make 300k with walmart arbitrage. Have some shame!

  32. How did you get approval to sell the products

  33. Certain things Amazon will not allow you to resell

  34. I’ve seen a couple of videos that Amazon has restricted doing this and on the seller uni it says retail to retail is not allowed, is that the same thing? I’m I don’t see to find anything on Amazon in regards to arbitrage

  35. Jc

    So you buy then send them to Amazon Fba where it sells?

  36. what do you do after you pick the stuff up from walmart how do you sell it to amazon

  37. 1000 a day and you can't buy a mask?

  38. It's a very good job would you mind day like clearly from where should I start it?

  39. Thank you! Great information for someone just starting out from Canada. 😊

  40. I am selling on amazon but do not have a registered brand and still learning. Two questions… #1, do you have to have a registered brand on Amazon to sell arbitrage..& #2 Do you not get complaints for the other registered brands for selling their products on Amazon. I have approached manufactures and it was specified I could not sell their products on Amazon. Thanks!

  41. Do you have to actually sell it to make the profit or just sell it to Amazon?

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