Retail Arbitrage at Walmart: Is the toy clearance an Amazon FBA sourcing opportunity at 50% off?

Retail Arbitrage at Walmart:  Is the toy clearance an Amazon FBA sourcing opportunity at 50% off?

Is Walmart toy clearance an Amazon FBA sourcing opportunity at 50% off? I examine some clearance toys and give you my opinion.


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27 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage at Walmart: Is the toy clearance an Amazon FBA sourcing opportunity at 50% off?”

  1. Seen some merchandise this summer at Walmart that would of sold great on mercari and eBay

  2. You said you were using Amazon app that shows the info. I have the Amazon app but my Amazon app doesn't show the columns.

  3. Much better than that rise and grind guy

  4. Getting back to basics. Love these videos.

  5. Do u need to download the Amazon seller app to scan products or is there another app tht I can use

  6. Everyone doing RA in USA is so lucky. Our Walmart in Canada is price matching with amazon now. Which just sucks

  7. So I went out 2 days ago and was scanning items to send into Amazon itโ€™s not letting me request to sell the items Iโ€™m Restricted in, in the seller app like it would before anyone know whatโ€™s going on with it

  8. Always a blast out sourcing with you!!!๐Ÿ‘ Blue๐Ÿ’™for BP!Pink for Joany ๐Ÿ’—

  9. I have really enjoyed your videos they are funny and informative.


  10. Lol Alabama should never be on clearance!! RTR! Damn it now I want to go to Walmart lol

  11. Thanks for the video BP! Your right about the Walmart app it's great to use when your doing RA there.

  12. Ahhh! Vintage BP! This is the reason why I subscribed, I love watching your sourcing adventures!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Hey Scott… Which Brother Toner Cartridge was that? Thanks! Great video!

  14. I've done well with Lego sets that have been on clearance. I mainly do Ebay but I am making a little. I haven't stepped up to the Amazon thing yet. My Walmart had those Paw Patrol toys as well but they weren't worth the flip on Ebay right now. Now I am curious if I could hold them a few months and then flip on Ebay.

  15. I bought perfect galaxy s9 phone cases for $1 each. I havnt sold one!!! Its for sale cheap why is selling so hard!!!!????

  16. I have a manager friend at my local Walmart who told me this Monday the 12th toys will be going way lower then they ( LEGO and much more ) . He let me know about Barbie toys and others going upwards of 90% off a couple weeks ago, weeks in advance .

  17. I literally just got home from walmart, lots of toys at 50% off… answer to me is no! Not worth amazon FBA, there's not enough margin in case of a price drop. but if holding out for Q4, I think that's a smart play – even though I'm gated I'm looking forward to ebay sales ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. RA in our area is only good later in the year. Last winter we killed it at Walmart doing RA. So far this year we haven't been finding anything.

  19. Bama crap ๐Ÿ’ฉ lol is always clearance

  20. Always fun to go shopping w/ you. I was in a crappy mood this morning & listening to you babble makes me so happy! Thanks for turning my day around…. Hi to pretty Joany!

  21. They had those paw patrol in my Walmarts about 2 weeks ago (PILES OF THEM, 15- 20 OF EACH) for $5 and they were at around $22 then, if I remember correctly. I could sell toys a few years ago but somewhere along the line I got gated and no- go now

  22. Paw Patrol one of the few brands I can't sell on Amazon ;(

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