Retail Arbitrage at Walgreens: I turned $1150 into $5200 in 14 hours

Retail Arbitrage at Walgreens:  I turned $1150 into $5200 in 14 hours

Retail Arbitrage at Walgreens: I turned $1150 into $5200 in 14 hours. I sourced 23 Walgreens from Huntsville, Al to Atlanta, Ga. I purchased clearance items, and listed them in a hotel room to be sent into an Amazon warehouse for FBA. I have focused all summer on Ebay, but an Amazon haul in 14 hours is lots of fun, except for the weather I encountered.

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40 Thoughts to “Retail Arbitrage at Walgreens: I turned $1150 into $5200 in 14 hours”

  1. How did you ungated the toys? Thank You

  2. You are an inspiration. Thanks for taking the trouble to show all of your work.

  3. I'm just starting on Ebay….Amazon especially the FBA seems wayyyy over my head at this point.

  4. HEY MAN!!! Try some CBD Oil for the pain

  5. Too bad everything everyone shows buying is all gated. I love how no one talks about that. Receipts dont work either. Was very disappointed when I went out to find some product.

  6. You have many great videos, this is one of my favorites. I need to do this and document it. Thank you!


  8. I ❤️❤️❤️ the Walgreens rewards points. I bet you racked up.

    Btw, RTR!!! UA class of 2005 alum here 😁🙌🏾

  9. So when you show the price tag showing the old price and the new discounted price, why do you also show a different much lower price afterwards? Does that mean you paid EVEN LESS than the discounted price?

  10. Do you use your walgreen points on top of buying all these toys

  11. Good to know this kind of stuff. I need to start shopping at Walgreens again

  12. This is so awesome the first of next month am starting this adventure. Am super excited your the man.

  13. I'm confused and wanna do this help

  14. Not what it’s cracked up to be

  15. You sold all of that within 14 hours?

  16. Do u sell them to Amazon or customers&do u ship them to Amazon or customers?thanks for the videos.take care brother!

  17. How do you search what sells so you can buy it?

  18. Wouldn't it make more sense to buy directly from the manufacturer and get a wholesale price and then sell online?

  19. You should be using credit card to get points. Call the bank before you go to tell them you are going to Georgia.

  20. I don't get the… sending to warehouses…comments….I thought the resale was individual items…on Amazon..??? Thanks….great work mate 😎😎😎

  21. Do you have a scanner that scans the Walgreens barcodes

  22. Is there a particular time or schedule when things go on clearance at Walgreens? Or is this something you have to check every day or all the time?

  23. Roll tide I'm a fan I will watch a lot of videos how do you find out whenever a Walgreens near you is about to reset their mod so you can find clearance items like you do I'm from Biloxi Mississippi help out of Southern brother

  24. LOL at the people crying about Fox News. I'm not a fan (I like Trump) but that's not why I'm watching this video either…

  25. Saying hello from Villa Rica, Georgia. Thanks for all the good info.

  26. Do you pay sales tax or do you have a tax exempt certificate?

  27. D E

    FOX NEWS is state tv for nimrods in Cult45….lol Cool video other than that. 😂 🇺🇸 ❤️

  28. Great score! Beard is looking good and trim too 🙂

  29. How was he able to determine what the real price was, even though the price tags were different?

  30. Gumby rocks. Tell us how you know what items are hot sellers so you know what to buy for resale

  31. I was wondering why people were scanning items at Walmart in their phone now I know. I guess if you are able to buy something you know that is going to sell but you could end up with a garage full of junk no one wants. I was reading someone's blog about how they got their Amazon account suspended because Amazon said they were not allowed to source items from liquidation sales it had to come from manufactures.

  32. Anyone else find it suspicious that the toys he's looking for are always in the back, behind about five other toys? Interesting.

  33. This video could have been 5 minutes.

  34. was about to head to walgreens, then I noticed this video is 1 year old lol

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