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Retail Arbitrage at Dollar Tree | BIG MONEY in BOOKS??? | Treat Yourself Time!

Retail Arbitrage at Dollar Tree | BIG MONEY in BOOKS??? | Treat Yourself Time!

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23 thoughts on “Retail Arbitrage at Dollar Tree | BIG MONEY in BOOKS??? | Treat Yourself Time!

  1. what app are you using to check the sale price

  2. Hi, which app do you use to check the books prices?

  3. How to decide if I should sell on Amazon or Ebay? I am trying to decide on each one.

  4. Books are the worst items to sell on line. Folks can always get them cheap thru Amazon, and usually free shipping with Prime.
    There's a reason the books are $1 at those dollar stores…..

  5. It’s always a “good day for me” at dollar tree haha

  6. I love watching your videos and your bubbly personality.. You are so pretty too

  7. You are such a nerd! In the best way possible of course. Thanks for all your great advice. I talk about u to my family and they are like who's this friend urtalking about.. im like nooo she's a mentor on YouTube ?(I'm not a crazy lol)

  8. @6:21 I bet you wish you had bought all those masks…..LOL

  9. What scan tool do you use for the books and barcodes

  10. Don't books ship at 'media mail' rate via USPS………significantly cheaper !

  11. i thought you needed permission to sell brand merch on Amazon.

  12. What app are you using to check the prices at Dollar Tree

  13. Lol your family needs a dietician

  14. 11:53 in the back watching the security cam monitor going 'wtf?'. No, not in the dollar tree

  15. I've gotten some pretty good books for my personal use at Dollar Tree. It is a hit or miss on some of them. I think the kids books from dollar tree might be a bit more where it is at. Again depends on what it is (title, author, genre). There were a few times I had seen some good titles at my local D.Tree but didn't buy them and of course a few months later they had sold out of them.

    A lot of stuff at dollar stores aren't really worth reselling. Most of the toys are usually very cheap quality made outside the US knock-offs.

    On the other hand It boggles my mind what some people will buy on Ebay, that they could find at dollar stores if they looked. I guess some people don't bother going to dollar stores at all, or don't have any near enough to them. I am also amazed when people buy things just because they are on sale. Even resellers do that.

  16. Hey Lindey how about adult coloring books?

  17. 14 minutes in and not a book. waste of time

  18. What is the app you use for it to look up the prices

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