Garyvee’s $1.80 strategy for instagram growth has been big recently so I thought I would put it to the test and see what it’s all about. I decided to do exactly what he says in his vlog and even a little extra to show you guys what kind of results you can expect.

In the video I tell you what is the $1.80 Instagram strategy for follower growth.

Growing an Instagram account is easier than you think and Garyvee’s strategy is one of the best ways to reach organic followers.

One of the biggest things that stop people from growing on Instagram is the will to put in the work and patience. People always want fast results but here I show you that if you use Gary’s strategy, you can grow your Instagram and see results within the first day!

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  1. If you want to get in touch with me, send a DM to @alecwilcock because I'm no longer using @aleclifestyle (my account got hacked). I'm seeing this as an opportunity to change the name 'Alec Lifestyle' that I've never really liked.

    My new account –

    Thanks again to everyone for watching and supporting my videos! ❤️

  2. why would you comment on top 9 posts instead of recent?

  3. That's an amazing content, Alec. Thanks for sharing! I will try it too 🙂

  4. Great video. Are you going to take the same 10 hashtags everyday or change it up everyday?

  5. Amazing video great value appreciate it man keep it up. I am going to be posting a video on my instagram on how I went from 2000 to 10.5k in 6 months with real engaging followers. Check it out at adam_evans_official

  6. Grew from 1k to 1.21k in a week just doing the bare minimun

  7. buy the bot i made for this strategy

  8. Thanks for this! I have seen some decent results on Instagram but wanted to see if there was anything that I may have been missing. Going to try applying the same strategy to YouTube as well!

  9. I'm kinda late to the party but why even bother with garyvees method if you were getting 100+ followers daily as it is? lol I think whichever method you were using prior garys is a lot more interesting to know.

  10. I love your accent, it makes the video more interesting haha
    Thanks for sharing! All the best!

  11. Really excited to try this out!! 👀

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  13. Leo

    Hey Alec great video, does this still work for 2020?

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  15. Alec, now that there are no top 9 posts, how do i do this strategy? Lmk 🖤🖤🖤

  16. How the hell are you get 159 a day in the first place?

  17. the worst part of this whole thing, is people that trying to do this automatically which mean they send same comment in these 90 posts :))) remember the "meaningful" part, your "connecting" not just being there…

  18. Hi, do you follow whoever starts following you by this strategy?

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  21. Do you follow back everyone who follows you? or just let them follow you? Thanks for the great video, very well made!

  22. Thanks bro, that’s going to help big time ! 💯👊🏽

  23. Love this how did you do the hand video! I want to do it for you! Just bought a software license for something like this

  24. Finally a DOER!Great job!

  25. what about the country, If I just working around a specific country and follow this strategy may I have junky followers who don't relevant to my zone !!

  26. Cool video. I like they animtion si much!

  27. I have been using a similar method for a while and i can tell you that even a small account can grow much faster using this or similar strategies. What you do is basically create ripples in water, eventually they come back to you. So, even though you might not get as many followers at first, this is kind of a long term investment plan. Good video guys, keep it up!

  28. yeah, this resulted in me getting shadow banned. this is a no for me.

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