Reselling Figurines On Ebay | What I Look For at Estate Sales & How I Price Collectibles

Reselling Figurines On Ebay | What I Look For at Estate Sales & How I Price Collectibles

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ABOUT ME: My name is Ann, and welcome to my YouTube channel (formerly called SeeAnnSave)! I am a writer, blogger, YouTube creator, bargain hunter, Ebay seller, and Walt Disney World fanatic. I am also a pug mom and a caregiver for my dad.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. Everything shown was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. Links may contain affiliates/referrals.


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36 Thoughts to “Reselling Figurines On Ebay | What I Look For at Estate Sales & How I Price Collectibles”

  1. att least no Star Wars lego. No Day. Peeps disappear & holograms show spirit leaving body

  2. Thank you! For the info you are a good teacher 👍😊. I love the pig brush holder. Great job 👍👏👌

  3. Loving your vids and trying to catch up. I think most Siamese Cat figurines will be vintage as their popularity as a breed peaked in the 50-60's. Modern cat figurines are usually the cute fluffy type. Unless it's from a line of figurines that produced a variety of breeds.

  4. I am such a sucker for anything with an umbrella. Being in the rain with an umbrella feels so All-American and reminiscent of "the good ole days."

  5. Droppin' the change in Miss Piggy's cleavage! Great find. Figurines and banks do well in my booth! I may group banks together at some point. Right now a dog bank is grouped with "dogs" in the booth.

  6. Thanks so much for the information! It's greatly appreciated! Very interesting talking about the different countries to look for. That's very helpful.

  7. New subscriber here! Great video!

  8. I love the "Itsy Bitsy Angels" by Lefton!

  9. Great info! I found you from Jeffrey @ Nifty Vintage! I have an antique booth and my highest, most common sells are my jewelry and my figurines. Most figurines I buy are pre 1980's, but I recently found a 1980's Disney Pluto music box which is adorable. Sending to my niece; she loves music boxes! Now, because of your recommendation I will pick figurines from the 80's and 90's if I love the look.

  10. Hello my name is Debbie and I'm a Homeco addict.

  11. If I see a figurine that is layered in gold, encrusted in diamonds and wrapped in $100 bills I will consider picking it up. Otherwise, I pass. Change my mind. 🙂

  12. love reseller content videos! Thank you, very helpful. Just starting out in the reselling world so I love to learn anything anyone is willing to share. I am grateful. Will tune in to all of your videos just love watching you you are a riot!

  13. A new subscriber. Found you today. Thank you the information.

  14. Really liked this video. Thanks so much!

  15. Would you consider sharing about Estate sales, how they work there and any email lists you can get on and tips? I am in Michigan and would like to understand that better and also about auctions if you know about them. You are so lovely! Oh! And what is the app up used to make the funny faces? :0 Thanks!!!

  16. Do Hummels sell well for you ?

  17. Great video. Thank you for sharing

  18. It cracks me up you put the coins in Ms Piggys bosom! Curious to know if those collectors plates (everyone had an Aunt or Grandmother who had them) are worth anything? What's your view on those?

  19. Love when you share your depth of knowledge Ann. I do try to be diverse with what I list so appreciate knowing what to look for in a figurine.

  20. I love figurines. I can get boxes full of them cheap at auctions. And what don't sell on ebay I put in my yearly yard sales.

  21. Great video, been reluctant to sell figurines because I heard they take a long time. What do you think?

  22. That toothbrush holder piggy is so stinking cute! I think that alone is enough to find him a new home. Not to mention that he's a toothbrush holder! I've never seen a piggy one. Not even my friend Anita has one. And she's one of "those " pig collectors. Lol

  23. Yes for sure, I like this specific topic discussion. More please!!

  24. Amazing video. Thanks so much. Origin country helps confirm my own assumptions!

  25. Thanks Anne! Very informative☺️

  26. This vlog made me smile. I have always loved sweet figurines, typically the made in Japan little girls and boys. I almost never see them as cheap as .25 cents, but for a dollar I might pick them up. Good subject, you should follow up in three months and let us know how they sold for you. The only thing I would have added was maybe a little history on the age of the marks, for instance when country of origin was put into effect, why you pick up made in England above all other countries, little tidbits that I know you have in your head, but others might not know! Thanks for the info.

  27. Thanks so much for the education, Ann! This is an area I'm interested in learning, as well. They're always so cheap. (I have a friend who collects pigs!) Another lady who has a channel and specializes in glassware called Thrifting 101; and have picked up so many tips and brands to look out for. When I first began thrifting, was too afraid of anything glass. How much are you usually willing to pay for these types of collectables?

  28. Takahashi is one of my recently discovered favorites. Both pieces I found in the last couple months sold quickly for good prices — one was a Siamese cat trinket box & the other a unicorn candle holder. Lefton makes some adorable pieces, I LOVE my black cats in witch hats! They have condition issues so it’s easy for me to say I just have to keep them! I have quite a few Lefton pieces on my “unicorn” picking list.

  29. Thank you so much, such wonderful info! Yes, please do more informational type videos. I have quite a few vintage figurines and now know where to start with them.

  30. Great info and tips. Thank you.

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