Plz hire me Crea Tyler.

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About Cody Ko:
CODY KO is an actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on YouTube, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.


Cody Ko


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  1. I actually want some Chinese food now man shit

  2. Whenever I travel, I always get hotels near the beach but I always regret it. There’s only so much blue ass water I can take before it gets boring

  3. If I had the infinite stones I would get rid of L.A

  4. So basically cody wants to jerk off everywhere 😂😂😂😂😂👌

  5. I didnt expect this video to turn so inspirational at the end 😭❤

  6. So Im not the only one who didnt get inspired by people showing off. Yey.

  7. "crazy to think every year keeps bettering the last one" yeah i don't think that's what he was trying to say LMAO

  8. I love Kane and pia cus they travel a lot, but they tell people how they make their money and give people advice on how to make enough money to go to these places

  9. “You know what else is cool? Having a mortgage.”

  10. Fuck Idek why I started crying this is so funny omfg

  11. damn bro i needed to hear some of that, thank you

  12. Why did I get more jealous that he had Chinese food and not the other people
    That travel😂

  13. Love your out look on this content and just life in general


  15. Okay I have an aunt that lives a “fart” life. She’s been everywhere, she’s followed passion projects and posts it online about how fulfilled her soul is. She loved it until she got into her late 40’s and now 50’s. Remember most of these people we follow are fucking young. Like the Tyler guy is 19 when he made this video. Few will still be loving it but someday they’re going to want a normal life and they can’t have it because they chose this life. I know his from my aunt when I compare it to my mom. My mom has a boring life. She immigrated to Mexico when she was 17 and picked a secure job to make sure my brother and I could have a better life. She travels maybe once every two years and works all weekdays 9 to 5. She moved us to Idaho because she could get a boring local government job to support us more. Trust me, Idaho is fucking boring. My aunt has shit on my mom for being “safe” and “boring” for years until now. Now my aunt wants a family but she never married because it would have held her back. She didn’t have kids because she rather go to multiple countries in a year in her 20’s and 30’s. I’m not saying this lifestyle can’t be fulfilling later but I’m saying it’s okay not to have it because every different lifestyle has its pros and cons. Just figure out what you want and don’t let anyone pressure you and discourage you. My mom has never regretted her life choices and loves her simple life. My aunt is in a constant battle with who she is now because she crapped on any lifestyle that isn’t Instagram worthy.

  16. Lmao i’m balinese and live in Bali and this vid is gold 😂

  17. If you have blue "ass water" please contact your doctor immediately

  18. New sub bc paul drama but hey dude this is the second video I see but you indeed seem a good guy plus very funny, you're too underrated man

  19. This video is over a year old now but I think it’s one of Cody’s most underrated real moments he’s posted

  20. Starting a family is cool? Ill have to disagree on that

  21. I want to kill myself🤣🤣🤣

  22. Nobody:

    Cody: BLUE ASS WATER!!!!!!!

  23. Ok, I had never heard of your channel until the recent "drama" if you could even call it that. But mother of God I've been laughing my ass off for hours now! I had to stop working out because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe in! So seriously, never stop "bullying" people. HA! From your new subscriber.

  24. hahaha i actually laughed out loud

  25. Damn man… this video is total gold… you made people feel good about not wasting money to see blue ass water.

    Respect gained^^

  26. bc greece is literally amazing, but then again i have family there so….

  27. fucken blue ass water

  28. Maybe one year late but bruh i live in Greece so Fart on you

  29. and this jake ass says he's a cyber bully ^^

  30. these are the people in holland that put ´tussenjaartje´ in their tinder bio

  31. Cody jerks off to blue ass water

  32. I know I'm late to the party but "In the meanwhile" is exactly the reason why you shouldn't drop out of college

  33. This is quite a wholesome video

  34. We stan an educated and mature youtuber! Preach grandpa!

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