Queens Ranting Ep86 Shout Outs and Time Outs (GaryVee)

Queens Ranting Ep86 Shout Outs and Time Outs (GaryVee)

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7 Thoughts to “Queens Ranting Ep86 Shout Outs and Time Outs (GaryVee)”

  1. Follow them on Instagram dammnit! @stationdrg

  2. Ya'll freaking kill me. I love it.

  3. You're so thin I can see right through you🤣🤣🤣. Love yall

  4. Half the time I feel like I don’t even know what you’re talking about or how you got to a topic but I’m just laughing hysterically along the entire video!! Always look forward to these videos! Love you both!!

  5. You two need to dress up as Romey and Michelle for the 20 year reunion and do the dance at the end of the movie !

  6. Yassss y'alls videos always cheer me up and make me ugly-cry-laugh💜 Thank you so so much for the shout out!!! Love y'all both to pieces😘

  7. Serial killer lmfao 😂 the only thing I kill is brain cells on drugs 😉 love you both 💖

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