Q&A | Staying Motivated, Toxic Family Members, Speaking German… | Annie Jaffrey

Q&A | Staying Motivated, Toxic Family Members, Speaking German... | Annie Jaffrey

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Restaurants in Barcelona mentioned

The Blue Spot
The Green Spot
Flax & Kale


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32 Thoughts to “Q&A | Staying Motivated, Toxic Family Members, Speaking German… | Annie Jaffrey”

  1. Do you stay in touch with your German friend Jilicious Journey now that you live in Germany? I miss not seeing her vlogs in a long time although I am still subscribed to her.

  2. My kids are 9 and 11 and eat super healthy; lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, but they also love pizza, chocolate and French fries 😂. WHEN you become parents you will quickly learn you can’t control everything that goes in their mouths. You might when they’re babies and toddlers but not when they’re older.

  3. please do more vlogs again! I miss those, they always inspire me so much 🙂

  4. I was here when you didn't put anymore videos but i'm happy that you are back and my sundays are more beautifull and my days are more good when you put a new video. Love you two 💖

  5. Hi Annie and Moe! Thanks for the great vid. I’m moving to Munich next week and I am wondering what are you favourite spots around there or around Bavaria? I’m keen to explore!

  6. Love your Vibe, Annie. I am from Cuba, living in Munich for 9 years, if you will to practice German, I am up to help you, will love to practice English too.

  7. I didn´t know you are living in Germany, but I thought that Mo´s accent sounds kind of german….:) Ich komme auch aus Deutschland:) Hast du nicht mal in der Schweiz gewohnt, als du klein warst?

  8. N N

    He could not care less about her going on and on about food and eating for minutes. Next girlfriend will be extremely relaxed about food. Too much "adjustments"…

  9. Awwwww love you both so freaking much!!!! And the comments talking about Mo’s English improving are totally accurate—he’s always had pretty good English but it’s amazing here 😊💞

  10. Deutsch👌 ich bin Tschechien 🇨🇿 aber lebe in München. Du bist so net und lieb💗

  11. Mo, you are pretty 😆😄

  12. Mo is so funny with his facial expressions!!! You guys are too cute! 💖💖💖💖

  13. Great video!
    It's interesting, that you mentioned Mimi and how she raises her daughter- that podcast/video influenced me so much! I have been thinking about her words since. Mimi should make a long video with things she have learned about rising her child in a mindful way!
    Have a lovely day!

  14. Wie süß es klingt, wenn Annie deutsch spricht. ☺️ Moe deutsch ist deine Muttersprache oder? Konntest du schon so gutes englisch sprechen, bevor du Annie kanntest?

  15. Which camera do you use? Quality looks amazing!

  16. Hi Annie I always love your videos! They are so inspiring. A while ago you did a wardrobe tour of your winter wardrobe which I so enjoyed.Can you do a Summer Wardrobe tour?

  17. Please make a skincare video! 🙏

  18. How come you didn’t have savings but you said in your earlier video having savings and being independent is something you always cherished and your grandmother had taught you a lot about? 🤔

  19. I've been following you for a really long time now, since you were in New York, so I remembered the break you were talking about. I am very happy for you, your videos always give me a good vibe. Thank you for being you!

  20. Be careful how much you claim you will or won't do when you have your own kids… everything changes!

  21. Your videos always brighten my dayss🌸💖💕

  22. Hallo Annie! You are a beautiful couple inside and outside!! I want to ask you, what kind of stones you had on your living room? I love them !!! And where do you buy them? Where can I find here in Germany? I live also here. Many kisses to both of you😘😘

  23. Babies are created and carried in the womb☺️not the" belly" or stomach !! Lol… check out the book WOMENS BODIES WOMENS WISDOM✨

  24. Can’t remember for how many years I’ve been following you now, I think the first video I watch was a Kim Kardashian make up look when you were still living in NY – and now you live in Germany the country where I’m from and to actually hear you speaking German is so amazing (btw to me it sounds like you’re having an French accent, so cute)

  25. Loved this video❤️❤️. Always learn g so much from you. My mom can not understand everything in English, but I really wanted her to watch this video, so I was translating it to her, and now she understands why I love you and your content so much❤️. That statement about the man craving shoes until he found someone without feet… my God, I'll write it down for sure.
    Always with amazing content Annie, thank you so much for everything that we can learn from you

  26. “the camera that i’m filming on now is not that expensive” *650$ camera* 🥴

  27. Your German has the most beautiful accent! Keep practicing – it sounds so soft and wonderful 💕

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