[PRODUCT REVEAL] I made $1,000 PROFIT with ONE Listing & Manual eBay Dropshipping

[PRODUCT REVEAL] I made $1,000 PROFIT with ONE Listing & Manual eBay Dropshipping

In this product reveal I show the ONE product that I was dropshipping on eBay & Amazon to generate over 200 sales and over $500 in profit. This was done with my method of Manual eBay dropshipping.

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This video is a follow up to my previous video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpkcO9byWe0&t

So this sink that I dropshipped from Lowes onto eBay generated me over 200 sales and over $500 in profit. You can see the breakdown below:

Item cost on Lowes: $29.98 originally
My selling price on eBay: $32.18

But with the use of lowes coupons and combining two customer’s orders to get the order total to $50, I was able to save $5 on each sink which meant the cost for each sink actually ended up being $24.98

That left me with a total profit of $3.02 per sale after all fees/expenses. And if we take that number and multiply it by the total number of sales I made on eBay for the lifetime of this listing which were 216 total sales, then we get $648 in total profit for just this one item alone. That doesn’t include profit I made from cashback either!

Now, the point of me making this video and revealing this product and showing you all of the numbers is actually because I wanted to prove to you that you don’t need to list items in your ebay or amazon store daily. You can list only a few hundred items in your store(s) and still make a GREAT income. In fact, let’s look at how simple it is to make $100,000 if with just a few hundred listings.

If you have 500 listings and you make just one sale every week, or just 52 sales every year, on each of those listings, and let’s assume you make at least $3.85 in profit per sale (this can come from cashback too it doesn’t actually matter!), then you’ll be left with $100,100 in profit at the end of the year.

That’s how easy it is to make $100k a year with dropshipping! And again, you don’t need thousands of items in your stores, so STOP USING EBAY/AMAZON DROPSHIPPING SOFTWARE. You don’t need to waste money on useless and expensive ebay product research or ebay product listing software. Same goes for Amazon, stop using Amazon product research and/or Amazon product listing software!

Take your time to list quality products in your dropshipping stores, and KEEP UP WITH COMPETITORS. This is the best piece of advice I can give you. Focus your time on keeping up with items you’ve already listed on eBay or Amazon, instead of focusing on listing more and more products.

That’s the secret to getting recurring and continuous sales on eBay or Amazon. You need to keep up with the items you list in your eBay store or Amazon store.

The item I share with you in this video is just one example of an item that I’ve dropshipped that has brought me hundreds of sales with hundreds of dollars in profit. I have many items that I’ve listed, and kept up with, that have continued to sell over and over again in my eBay store and Amazon store, and have generated over 1,000 sales with thousands of dollars in profit.

And getting these recurring sales in my dropshipping stores is great, because it means I don’t have to keep doing product research on eBay or product research on Amazon, and instead I can focus that time on other things or other businesses. Not having to constantly do product research for your dropshipping store is one of the key ways you can make your dropshipping business passive.

Side Note: As far as which niche or which products and categories I like to stick to, generally I enjoy listing items from the tools & home improvement category as well as general home decor items. A few examples would be ceiling fans, lighting, etc. As well as tool sets, tool accessories, and even household items that would be considered similar like, for example, this laundry sink I shared in this video.

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  1. Bro can you make a case study where u list something untill it makes the first sell and show basically what to look for

  2. Sully, what's your process of checking your listed items price changes since you don't use Skugrid etc. Thank you for creating your channel & sharing your knowledge. You're special!!!

  3. Love your vids mate. Your a natural communicator!

  4. Hi Sully, how to combined 2 orders from different eBay buyer into 1 order in Lowe's to make the total into $50 above to entitle to use the 10% discount coupon? As my current order is made 1 by 1.

  5. Would you explain more in depth what do you mean with "Stay competititve with your comptetitors"? Do you mean you always have to have the lowest price?

  6. Don't you have to pay for shipping?

  7. you're freaking awesome bruh

  8. Hey bro I've been drop shipping lately and it's been pretty cool. But I have a question if you can answer right away. I sold another item from lowes last night. So I'm trying to ship but now it wants to charge me for shipping. Please help

  9. I have a good question for you What does it mean when sniping and it says the person sold a item X amount of times but when u click on sold to see the dates and there's a less number that is shown?

  10. I’d like to see the major flex. And get a general idea for what your best product did sales $, profit and # of sold.
    either way it’s still cool to see what you were able to do. Great video!!

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  14. Could you make a video on what you do after you list a product? Like what are you looking for in an item (views/watchers)? What is a good View/Sale ratio

  15. Using your methods love had over $2000 dollars in sales and more than $700 profit in 10 days with 50 listings!

  16. Based on your methods how many listings do you feel you would need to hit 50k a month in sales ? ( estimate ) thanks

  17. Hi Sully do you offer 1 on 1 consulting by chance?

  18. Great video as always. And man, I had the opportunity to buy some Bitcoin in 2010 when it was 6 cents. If I had looked into it more and understood the technology behind it I would've put $500 in and been a multi-millionaire by now.

  19. Is shipping in Lowe's to multiple addresses not possible anymore?

  20. Hey sully, I really need ur help I contacted my buyer and he said he has paid for the order and also has the PayPal receipt too. Yet no funds have showed up to my account and the status of the order is also “AWAITING PAYMENT” on eBay what should I do ? My first sale….Thank you bro

  21. Thank you , this past week has been great for me, I've sold more than 10 items,Thanks.

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  23. how did you not get snipped and undercut by other competitors ?

  24. I am in Viet Nam. If I do as you describe , my will not have profit because I have to pay fee for Ebay and Paypal , tax. Second, is there free shipping from Lowe’s ? Third, could I pay for product with 100% gift card in Lowe’s like Amazon? Thanks for you information

  25. hey sully i love your videos so much , can you please tell me how do you deal with listing has been removed: Trademark Violation – Unauthorized Item

  26. Can you add a small transparent logo to you main image, so that it looks different enough that people recognize it if they see it again? eBay's rules say's they want clean images but I see so many people add text, combine pictures etc. I don't want to be a stock image like everyone else. Thank You!

  27. Subtle flex 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Hello sully, been here since almost day one.. I'm at almost 4k in sales at the moment.. 5 or 6% on the front end and 5 on the back end.. I do have a question though. I just sold an item 2 days ago to someone in the UK. I got the Kentucky address for eBay's warehouse but when i put it down on Lowes, it gives me error -237. I've made 4 other sales since and no problems. What am I doing wrong?

  29. Just discovered your Channel and it’s my favourite for dropshipping, it’s so Helful and fun to watch ❤️

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