Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tips for Marketers

Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tips for Marketers

Still wondering how to market on social media the right way? Kudos! You’ve come to the right place. Let’s jump right in and explore some genius marketing tips for #Instagram and #Pinterest, aka. visual #socialmedia platforms, to increase your traffic in 2019.

Social media has grown rapidly as a preferred channel for users to stay connected to their communities and for #marketers to promote their brands. While #Facebook and #LinkedIn are being used as networking platforms, Instagram has carved its niche as the destination for sharing photos and stories. On the other hand, Pinterest was long underestimated as more of a #socialbookmarking tool. But can you no longer ignore the organic reach and visual content Pinterest has to offer.

Here are some clever ideas on how to market on your Instagram and Pinterest accounts.


1. Encourage User-Generated Content
For brands with an existing audience, using customer photos and videos of your brand or products can help generate marketing content for your brand.
Motivate your customers to share their content and tag you to be your brand advocates. You could even offer rewards in return. Using this #usergeneratedcontent for your #brandpromotions will get your followers to engage with and enjoy this content more as it is #authentic and #relatable.

2. Explore IGTV and Instagram Shopping
IGTV is a step up from short-form videos and go up to an hour, basically acting as a substitute to TV for #Millennials and #GenZ, who spend most of their time on their mobile phones. The feature is a cross between what #YouTube and #Snapchat offer. #Influencers are already making the most of it to engage with their customers even more so than going Live. Instagram Shopping is another feature that lets users buy your products directly from Instagram, retailers are going all out to optimally use this feature.

Focus on creating #verticalvideos for #IGTV to introduce your brand or product, showcase product features with how-to videos or even to cover launch parties. #Collaborate with #IGTV expert #influencers to create these videos for you or simply to do a #campaign with you can both tag each other and reach a wider audience. If you have a product to sell, Instagram Shopping is your best new bet!

3. Create Contests and Conversations
Use #InstagramStories to create 24-hour campaigns. Ask users to share photos with your latest product and offer them a tempting deal as the prize. Try the ‘Ask me a question’ feature for a new #productlaunch or product update. This will motivate them to buy (or use) your products, share the pictures on their accounts, and drive curiosity among their communities.

Pinterest Marketing Tips
Pinterest is best described as the catalog of ideas, helping 52% of Pinterest users find items they want to buy. Here are a few ideas to improve your Pinterest #marketing.

1. Be Liberal While Describing Your Pins
Describing your pins helps your images be more visible. Longer #descriptions help search engines find you and connect you to the #rightaudience. Here are some tips on how to write your #imagedescriptions.

2. Image Height Is Important
To stand out in an ocean of rich, vibrant images, choose the image height carefully. #Pinterest scales images to match the exact width, so choosing the right height will help you perform better.

3. DIY Is a Staple
Do It Yourself (DIY) content calls Pinterest home. Arts, crafts, hobby ideas, you name it and Pinterest has a bunch of step by step infographic or videos that show you how to do it. Post images and infographics as tutorials for your product application in real-life. This not only drives more engagement and clicks, but also motivates the users to try your products themselves

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