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People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How

People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How

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What Equipment I Use:
Camera: https://bit.ly/3eBtQGL
Adapter for lenses: https://bit.ly/2VI5fHC
Wide Lens: https://bit.ly/2VI5fHC
Main lens: https://bit.ly/2wQdrgn
Microphone: https://bit.ly/2RR9lvR
Vlog camera: https://bit.ly/3esTkWy

This video is all about how people are making money by selling products through Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This video really just scratches the surface of it, check out Kevin’s channel if you want to know more

How Much YouTube Paid Me in 2019 (with a million subscribers): https://youtu.be/3Rm-ElJPDJk

Kevin’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_MTE8H-i_spop-Gc9tOCDQ

I decided to make this video because I stumbled upon this world of Amazon selling, and it really changed how I view Amazon in general. I kept seeing videos about Amazon FBA, step by step how to get started, how people were making thousands or millions of dollars on it- and probably like you, watching, kept thinking okay… is this even real? This video breaks it down for people who have never heard of Amazon FBA before, from someone who isn’t trying to sell you anything- I don’t do Amazon FBA, I’m not selling a course on it, I really don’t care if you start Amazon FBA or not I just think it’s interesting and wanted to share it. Comment down below if you’re still reading this far (about what you think of this whole thing), and I’ll reply!

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33 thoughts on “People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How

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  5. This is a scam. Guys ,I put a video on my channel for

    the real secret way this guy and others are actually earning their money online and i have been making money through it too.

    Watch it now and you will thank me later.

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  7. can u do this if ur under 18? i’m 17, 18 in 6 months.

  8. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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  9. This method takes way too long to start earning. I recommend to search for Tasks4cash on google, it's much better

  10. i just learned more from this video than i had hoped, wa2go, keep up the nice work!

  11. I know this is stupid question,but How many boxes do I need to ship to make $3,000 a month or $4,000

  12. Hello what's the best way to start trading because I have been making my personal research for a while now.

  13. many see forex say a get rich scheme but forex is not like that, it's a gradual process with the right tools and application you can make a living from forex trading….

  14. woww she sounds like summer from rick and morty haha

  15. I prefer dropshipping via AliExpress and Shopify. My shopify store has 20-25 orders per day, it generates 500-600$ weekly, pretty good passive income for me 😀 the most profitable niches are health and pets. All products I copy/paste from website Winnerzilla and it works.

  16. cmon guys these guys traying sell their courses

  17. I need an update on this.

  18. It has been becoming easier and easier to start a business today thanks to the technology. I hope anyone who aspires to start a business will find the motivation to finally start doing it.

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  20. Why not invest in cryptocurrency while you learn how to buy. Bitcoin can be very confusing but my recent in trade on XNG/USD on a natural gas some other currency pairs, with expert Lisa on this trade I have made my profit.,

  21. I think they call it DropShpping. Learned about it on Tik tok a few months ago

  22. Basically I would like to be a millionaire but not by ecomerce🤷🏽‍♀️ and between: She makes 3100-10000$ with this video

  23. This is a waste of time. On Tasks4cash you will make twice as much. On google, search for Tasks4cash

  24. This is a waste of time. On Tasks4cash you will make twice as much. On google, search for Tasks4cash

  25. I thought we had a ban on China

  26. While I'm not hating on anyone… but my opinion this type of setup totally supports the Chinese regime (CCP) and their labor camps. I try not to buy things from China, but the American Gov the last 40 years has allowed companies to move manufacturing out of the US. Yes US made is more expensive, but we don't use forced labor. Yes American businesses are greedy B's, but buying American and not supporting China is better for America. 🙂 just my opinion.

  27. I’m interested, who writes the description for the product on Amazon

  28. good luck trying to buy something for a low price and then try and sell it for higher prices….people dont want too pay higher prices they will buy from whereever they get it cheapest…if i sell something on amazon for $40 and walmart sells it for $29.99 why would they buy it from me ? this business is not easy ..otherwise everyone would be doing it.

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