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19 Thoughts to “Part time EBay UK reseller..sales report for May 2019”

  1. Congratulations on passing the 1k mark. You have fantastic videos with lots of information in them. Enjoy watching them.

  2. Donna you always make me smile/laugh, I can totally relate to the "no floor left" I am struggling with organisation! your two top tips lol lmao xxx

  3. New to your videos…… Love your sense of humour, will catch up with some of your older videos later.

  4. That's good advice about the standing on the spinning chair sadly I am one of the people who has done this !

  5. Hi Donna love your videos 😁🐶

  6. Thanks Donna you put a smile on my face today – just love your videos

  7. I like your approach to re-selling, its much like mine. love your video,s have a great weekend.

  8. Brilliant, hope your husband loved his bracket!

  9. Your tips were brilliant! Don't put yourself down, I'm sure people can learn from watching your videos about selling on eBay.

  10. Ha ha ha, love your top tips!! X

  11. Great video Donna thank you

  12. You make me laugh so much. I love watching you. Have no idea what that quote meant . I like the cardigan you are wearing

  13. What do you use to scan things?? I have heard a lot of resellers talk about this app they use to scan the item and find out how much they go for but I’ve never known what they use!

  14. Love hearing your antics from the charity shop lol

  15. I love these chatty hauls lovely – and nearly 1000 subs woowho! You should monetise your videos. Have a fab weekend xx

  16. Nearly at a thousand subs Donna! You’ll always get the thumbs up from me ..great channel 😉👍

  17. Donner answer your phone its me

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