Parents Can't Control What You Want

Parents Can't Control What You Want

The only leverages your parents have are money and shelter. If you stop relying on them for those two things then they will not have any control over you and the things you want to do. If you continue to be dependent on your parents, you will always feel obligated to do what they ask you to.

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24 Thoughts to “Parents Can't Control What You Want”

  1. btw i'm with you girll, lets be amazing

  2. i fucking HATE my parents telling me whatever the fuck i have to do all the time. I decided to do my own thing and dont give a fuck about theire pressure/saying what i have to do. they don't have control over me, i wont let them have. and if they want me to leave the house i ll do it with pleasure, but i wont be controlled and limit my awesomness to be like them. Ah, and I spent so much time thinking that i was wrong cause i wasnt doing what they want me to, i ve even fell into their pression by doing for sometime what they want, so if youre in the same situation know that YOURE NEVER FUCKING WRONG FOR BEING THE WAY YOU WANT TO, they re wrong for limiting you.

  3. parent always think that this are good for they kids but no!! if keeping your standard important than your kids happiness damn! our parent fuck up

  4. fuck its true my dad want me to be mechanic
    me..i want to be content creator

  5. TW

    It’s like today I was at work (kfc) and because it wasn’t busy the manager let me go home 3 hours early, my original shift was 2-8 so only 6 hours but she offered at about 4:30 but I told her I’ll stay another 30 minutes to see how it gets so she said “yeah that’s fine do what u want” so I left at 5:00 so I managed to get 3 hours of work instead of 6, so I walk back home and I explain the situation and my mums fine with it she doesn’t care because that always happens at her work so she didn’t mind, but my dad was like “you should of stayed longer, it’s more money” so I said the manager offered and it was my choice and he said “it doesn’t matter you could of worked another 3 hours” so I just ignored him. But like why the fuck does he care I’m 18 years old I can do what the fuck I like, if my manager(who I get on well with) tells me I can leave early because it’ll be a bit boring because there’s nothing to do, then I can leave and do what the fuck I want. I’m not short on money I’ve got plenty of money I don’t pay any bills yet so what’s the problem? Fucking pisses me off.

  6. Nai

    My mother doesn't support any of my goals, she think it's highly unrealistic. I've made nearly double her paycheck from playing competitive games and she doesn't care. She thinks its not a real career i can chase. I still live at home, which means I have 0 rights in here. If I say anything they use the, "My house, my rules" quote. 2 years ago I could have made 3 million and a sign into one of my favorite esports teams. That night all I needed was 2 more matches to have my life complete, a paycheck that would help my family and take away all my stress. As the most important rounds came through, she broke my pc because she claims that I am wasting my life. Now an old friend of mine won 1.5 million and the team that I wanted, and the fame took over. He blocked me on all socials and he's set for success. Fun fact: I am statistically better than him in every game we play. I'm stuck being poor and useless because of my mother, because she won't support my dreams. If I move out, I won't be able to pay for rent and maintain everything else. If she would make a compromise with me I could have probably been successful by now. Its been nearly 5 years since my first competitive experience and time is running out. Ill be washed up and old news soon. She's ruining my dreams and career but she's too blinded by her own lifestyle to understand mine and support it. I can't live this way anymore, I feel dehumanized when I'm with her. I've been considering suicide for the past month but I'm too afraid to go through with it. I need help. I dont know what the hell to do.

  7. Mom: gamer or school
    Me starts getting nervous
    Me: gamer
    Mom: no u r going to school

  8. Damn, we have the same problem .

  9. All the Karen parents in chat like what!!!!

  10. I felt this one too, I don’t want to go to college, I want to become a professional racecar driver, but I feel like my father doesn’t want me to do it, but that’s also the thing, he doesn’t want me giving my shot at it because that was HIS dream when he was my age, and he never got the chance too, and now that I have a chance to, I can understand why he would be jealous, but this is my dream, I’ve wanted this shit since I was 6 years old and I’m 20 now. However, also, if I succeed, I also know he will be proud of me down the road, and that’s one of the things I’ve always strived for, is to make my father proud of me, because I feel like I struggle to connect with my father, and even my mother sometimes too, on a personal level.

  11. A lot of families form mini cults and program their children to think a certain way!

  12. My parents forced me to go a boarding school so i was like WHY. i dont want to be WHAT they WANT ME to BE. LIKE CMON I DONT WANT TO DO ADDMATH+++++++ CRAPPPPP

  13. This is easy level of diificulty.
    Indian parents come with their mf allies called relatives and belive me shit is on hardcore settings.

  14. My parents never did what I said even in my childhood they never supported me … And told me when you will grow we will get you that toy… Now I'm grown up and missing that days without happiness 😢

  15. Same is happening with me but I'm ready to move out as Im earning good amount but then also they are not allowing me to move out. Plz help me out Gary.

  16. I Had the same thing happen to me when I wanted to Join a church. My family was not supportive at all

  17. watch this and listen to what this contradicting guy said:

  18. If its a religious thing, God would love everyone because everyone is God. Do what makes you happy, its your turn.

  19. I wish I had video when I was 17yo living at home. I hope there are more youth out there get the opportunity to see this!

  20. needed this today <3
    love ya gary v

  21. My parents didn't care about my health. I guess they really wanted to look good in front of their friends.

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