Own It! 271 | Reinventing Yourself

Own It! 271 | Reinventing Yourself

Nicola and Judith talks about Reinventing Yourself. Does this break from normality provide a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself?

In The Show Nicola has been moved by stories from Gary Vee and Capt Tom, and Judith had four tunes played for her on Radio CamFM after sharing on Facebook the story of her school trip to Italy at Easter 1971. #GaryVee #CaptTom #GlamRock #FacebookFriends #CamFM #Reinvention #Coop

What’s Fuelled Their Fire? Nicola discovered Laurie Santos on Sam Harris’ podcast called Making Sense. Ep 196 The Science of Happiness. Judith enjoyed the interaction of the podcast listeners in the Own It! Facebook Group after Nicola’s Easter question about how everyone’s coping with being locked in at home.

Focus Of The Week – Reinventing Yourself Does this break from normality provide a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself? Is that something you’d love to do? LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT #271 | Reinventing Yourself

Words Of The Week Judith chooses Identity and Nicola goes with Logic.

Project Updates Nicola’s new website continues to make progress but she won’t share it with Judith and the listeners just yet.

Who Or What’s Impressed Nicola likes Jack Sim of WorldToilet.org and Judith is impressed by being able to fix her own computer and her nephew making a TV advert for the Coop from his own home which is airing live on ITV right now.

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