Our First Experience Finding Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals for Retail Arbitrage!

Our First Experience Finding Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals for Retail Arbitrage!

Recently we have seen a lot of YouTube videos of people finding Walmart hidden clearance deals by using the Walmart app to scan items in store. We decided to try it for ourselves and we ended up finding a few items that did scan at a lower price than marked on the sticker.

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Camera used to create this video & photograph the items:
Nikon COOLPIX B700 Digital Camera


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31 Thoughts to “Our First Experience Finding Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals for Retail Arbitrage!”

  1. A very nice job, I wish you a nice good morning and a wonderful day!

  2. You are very skilful at finding these deals! Great work! Love this! Have a happy night! Best wishes, Mary and Harry 🎤🎶 😊💜😊

  3. Sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing. Take care. 😊👍

  4. never heard of doing this so cool

  5. Great & Brilliant video.That's good. greeting from me Glitzy Games. My bestfriend .Like!!!60*

  6. Awesome Video !! ✨✨ Liked 👍👍 Thank you 😎😎

  7. Love your top… so colourful…. Wow, why do you have to scan the items? Aren't you afraid that you get the wrong prices then? Very interesting and you got great stuff! I find it amazing that you sell in the shop and then re-sell. I never manage to sell anything.… I have an exercise hula hoop for sale forever but it won't sell.

  8. Our First Experience Finding Walmart Secret Hidden Clearance Deals for Retail Arbitrage!

  9. We been travel across the country and everytime we stop by Walmart i look find clearance section enjoyed it. Greetings from Texas

  10. This is so cool….. Hidden clearance?/ Who knew! You did really well.. I enjoyed this video.. and Im going to give this app a try… I love the idea of resale…. very cool!!

  11. Fantastic discovery of these secret Walmart liquidation offers, the price is very cheap, excellent purchase. 53

  12. Wow they have hidden clearance deals? Never heard of such thing before, intereseting

  13. You scored some great deals. Thanks for sharing. Take Care.


  15. Great sharing, so enjoy to watch this video.

    full watch like friend.

  16. Super video my friend, Thank you!!

  17. Wow awesome a must try thanks for sharing

  18. Coucou super achats 👍 bisous à bientôt 😘Like 49

  19. That is amazing I never would have thought of it. Yip I will be trying it TFS 👍👍😀

  20. We don't have a Walmart in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but I will tell my mother about this because she has a Walmart in her town. What deals you received! Gave full view.

  21. I’m totally giving this a try. Thanks for the info..I’m addicted to Walmart lol.

  22. 👋👋 Hey Hey !! OMG awesome deals 👏👏You always find the best deals 👍👍#45

  23. Awesome video my dear friend😊😊😊

  24. Hello, dear friend very nice upload. Have a nice day!!!

  25. Awesome ! You are doing a great work 🎶
    Thank you for sharing 🎀 Like 👍 42
    Have a happy weekend 🍀 my friend 💐

  26. Nice deals on the troll dolls! Can't beat those prices. Thumbs up #40 and hope you have a great weekend!

  27. I have never heard of this app. Gonna have to download it ASAP! It is like a price deal scavenger hunt! 😉

  28. Love it! Getting a bargain is the best. We have found a couple of things that do ring up lower, but your tip of using the app is a great one. Of course, you know WE are loving the trolls you got. LOL! I would think that now is a great time to sell the toys coming into Christmas, especially.

  29. Amazing deals!! Like 36, a full view + ads

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