Optimizing Instagram for Producers & Artists! (Part 1 of 7)

Optimizing Instagram for Producers & Artists! (Part 1 of 7)

This video’s all about optimizing your profile and getting your foundational strategy ready for Instagram.

If you want updates everyday of the challenge you can go sign up here: https://cymatics.fm/7-days-instagram-challenge/

Also it’s a good idea to follow our Cymaticsfm, Steven Cymatics, & Drew Cymatics Instagram accounts. We’re constantly posting new content and it’s a great place to learn Instagram strategies from.

@Cymaticsfm: https://www.instagram.com/cymaticsfm/
@stevencymatics: https://www.instagram.com/stevencymatics/
@DrewCymatics: https://www.instagram.com/drewcymatics/


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46 Thoughts to “Optimizing Instagram for Producers & Artists! (Part 1 of 7)”

  1. 🔥🔥 check out

    @thetwinsofficial__music #twins #singers #music #harmonies 🔥🔥🔥


    I made a *communal group spreadsheet*, that we can all add hashtags to, and that we can all use to our advantage in order to effectively grow our social media platforms. On the right side of the spreadsheet, I have also added excel-based formulas to pull random hashtags from the lists and form randomized lists of hashtags, which will allow us to get a fresh set of hashtags for every post!

    All you guys gotta do is:
    1. Search up hashtags on instagram
    2. Jump on the doc and fill in the columns under the correct category for:
    – Hashtag name
    – Hashtag popularity (# of posts)
    3. Enjoy organic instagram growth, and fresh/randomized sets of hashtags for every post!

    I wanted to make this a group, communal effort, so none of us have to pay and we can all benefit!

    PLEASE SPREAD this post to all your producer friends so we can get the document populated!!!!!!

    LINK TO SPREADSHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xzbQDfdYuE8mLKResLzj3N3sK0mTMmVEAxI0FnSCC8Y/edit?usp=sharing


  3. Okay Soo Business Account Is What i Want For A Producer? Theres Also A Creator Option .

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    💪🏾 🦁

  5. If I am a singer and a producer, should I have a separate Instagram profile for each or is it personal preference?

  6. I get irritated when you say "me and Drew are…" instead of "Drew and I are…"

  7. Gained 33 interacting followers in 3 days thank you guys 🙏 (my IG is @skaatermanebeatz)

  8. tricked me haha, didn't realise double click gave a like!

  9. I was one of those artist with the abstract cartoon avatar photos. I got rid of it and noticed that people were able to relate to me as a real person 😎

  10. ALP

    How to study hashtags? 🤔

  11. How does one know which hashtags are performing better than others? are there metrics for this??? thanks!

  12. instead of just saving the post

    Make a collection by holding that bookmark icon thingy
    therefore it's more organised 😉

  13. What specific buissness tool should i do thats about edm

  14. Dope! I am gonna give it a try. Thanks guys.

  15. How do I find a plus posts now. Instagram doesn’t show likes anymore☹️

  16. how can i study hashtags? i mean from where and how and all ? Please help

  17. Guys can you give me some examples for influencers to pick? The most of the ones i picked were already so popular that their best post was just a picture of Them. They already are a Brand. The little ones are popular with memes and i don’t really want to post memes..

  18. Hope the 7 day challenge helps me grow thx for lettinvme be in dis

  19. Supp guys who wants to do a follow for follow? I will give you feedback and support! Who joins with me?🙌❤️ In the end we are all producers right! My Instagram is mexnoijar I will see you there! Have a good one

  20. What do we do with the bookmarks? Are we to take the same photo & post it or are we just observing for ideas?

  21. Thanks these challenges it kinda sikes my mind from thinking im learning to I'm in a huddle for a play call. Lets go! ✊🙏💪

  22. This is an amazing video with some real great tips! I was legit just doing some of what you said while watching, and before i even finished watching i already gained 2 followers😳😂 like damn i just switched to a business account and followed a few people. Thanks a ton! Love your guy's stuff as always!

  23. Thank you so much, you're such a kind human for this!

  24. Thank you very much ❤😍❤🙏

  25. Good luck to everyone! really need this equipment for my start, hope I win! Again, good luck to everyone!

  26. I'm not get the link to the forms.. 😭😭😭.. It gets stuck on the second page. This is not good.

  27. I want to keep my Instagram for personal stuff in my life but also use it t promote my music. What do you think about that?

  28. These things seem so common sense but they’re always the last things in my mind 😭 always killin it with the info!
    Appreciate ya’ll!

  29. New profile done. Face Photo done

  30. I'm down to follow other producers!

  31. this helps me to use instagram wisly haha. tnx cymatics

  32. Hy, I made my first beat and my dream is to be becoming a producer …i dont think anyone will see this but i need feebacks 😉

  33. I just joined this community…and it's just amazing

  34. Hey Steven , How you doing ?
    is it ok if i start with 1 post and 34 followers , 83 following ?
    however i,m in this challenge of yours #7dayschallenge
    and thanks for you tips love you hear more from you
    ~ Urban Tribe

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