OPTIMAL FB Ads Campaign Structure | Facebook Ads Scaling Guide (Updated 2020)

OPTIMAL FB Ads Campaign Structure | Facebook Ads Scaling Guide (Updated 2020)

This video shows the BEST way to structure your Facebook Ad Account in 2020.

0:00 Introduction
0:39 3 FB Ads Best Practices
1:45 TOF #1: Interest CBO
2:21 TOF #2: Low-intent LAA CBO
3:00 TOF #3: High-intent LAA CBO
4:30 Top of funnel Exclusions
5:25 Middle of Funnel CBO
6:13 Bottom of Funnel CBO

We’re going to be using a 5 CBO campaign structure.
3 Top of funnel campaigns
1 Middle of funnel campaign
1 Bottom of funnel campaign

Top of funnel traffic is the very first touchpoint for the customer. Top of funnel campaigns take cold traffic (people who have never seen your brand) and try to push them further down the sales funnel.

Middle of funnel refers to the stage in the customer’s journey where they know about your brand and have taken some sort of action (3 second video view, page like) but only enough to show slight interest.

Bottom of funnel means that a customer has already engaged with your brand and has completed some action that exhibits buyer-intent (watch 95% of an ad, added the product to your cart). These people are READY to purchase… you just gotta serve them an ad!

Some other pro-tips:
– Make sure you have at least 2 copies, 2 videos and an image in each ad set. This allows your ad set to hit as many smaller segments of audience pools within the larger ad set audience.
– The budget for Prospecting (TOF) vs Retargeting (MOF/BOF) campaigns should be around 70:30 ratio of ad spend
– You can also test another campaign with simply a Broad, no interest campaign. These low key rip as well!
– Recommended budget for the campaign structure in this video is at least $400/ day in ad spend
– Works for both dropshipping and DTC/D2C ecom brands

Thank you guys for watching, hope everyone learned something through this tutorial. Facebook ads is honestly not THAT complex when you understand it, but it’s a process. Subscribe to my channel for more educational content surrounding Shopify, Dropshipping, Ecommerce, Brand-building, and MORE!

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  1. amazing bro, im looking on my campaigns what are working well nd see those points on them, very precise and accurate content πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ much love

  2. Thanks again for the sauce!

    When you make new ad creatives, how do you work them into the campaign structure after you've set this up and it's been running it for a while. Do you add them into the same campaigns, or do you create new ones, or ?

  3. Awesome. At how many purchases would you recommend getting into LAAs?

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  9. Super valuable!
    When creating the Video Views LAA's: do you use the last 365 days, or do you use another time span?

    We've seen great results with 365 days, but might be worth testing a shorter time span.

  10. Nice vid Dave and nice Discord server πŸ˜‰ Btw I have a question: What happens if the CBO interest is going OK and I want to turn off 1 adset(1interest), will it affect the overall performance of the CBO? Thanks broπŸ’Œ

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    do you mean with LLA 0-10%:
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    btw awesome video, keep going!πŸ€‘

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    Will MOF campaign have 50% budget of total cold campaigns?
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