Online Retail Arbitrage Haul! Sourcing From Home to Resell on Poshmark & eBay!

Online Retail Arbitrage Haul! Sourcing From Home to Resell on Poshmark & eBay!

A haul of some great deals I have found online to resell on Poshmark and eBay! I hope you are all staying safe and finding some great deals of your own. 🙂 $5 off a Giftcard @ Raise email me at: Ebay Store: Instagram: @streetsavvy_ Poshmark: @streetsavvy_


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23 Thoughts to “Online Retail Arbitrage Haul! Sourcing From Home to Resell on Poshmark & eBay!”

  1. I only sell NWT in my closet and eBay, so only retail arbitrage pretty much. I practically live on the Nordstrom Rack app. The best time to look, if you want a little tip is the middle of the night. I don’t sleep a whole lot, so I’m up a at crazy hours, and that’s when they’ll stick a Burberry jacket for $30 or a pair of Celine sunglasses for the same. (Those are my 2 best finds so far!) I just watched your latest video and saw all the Hunter boots in the background….I cleaned them out too on those. I don’t care if they sit for awhile, I know they’ll sell eventually! Can’t beat $30-$40 for hunter boots! I swear, the thrill of the bargain is the most fun for me.

  2. Really good finds, love your hauls!

  3. I'm getting some fantastic deals on flannel shirts right now as a guy lol.

  4. Okay, so i found a farm dress a few years ago must have been their second line ever. the dress is still in my closet. i think i need to learn how to tag appropriately. help! @ketchandrelease on PM

  5. hi ma'am 47yrs married im a new subscriber

  6. I placed an order with Nordstrom Rack clearance and they cancelled a bunch of my orders. Is this common with them? I thought it was strange.

  7. You aren’t doing nothing! You are making a whole human! Making. A. People. That’s a pretty intense task. Being winded makes total sense sis.

  8. I literally just learned about Farm Rio today via an ad. And then here comes this video! Which is the first video I’ve ever seen of yours!!! I love fun coincidences

  9. I love that you have the now infamous "stay at home bun" :):)

  10. sub your personality very mellow and humble. I'm a beginner I can't make big purchases not just yet…but I've been doing some on line orders but honestly don't know what I'm doing. Lol…thanks for sharing.

  11. I've never done online arbitrage before. You found some really cute items!

  12. Just wanted to say that I appreciate that you are transparent about the price you bought the items for. You got some awesome steals!

  13. Never heard of farm rio, sounds like a decent company!!

  14. You crack Me up Girl, Keep Up the Videos!! Great Content

  15. I thought I was a good online shopper until I watched this video. Now I see that I am doing big all wrong and have been missing out on a lot 🙃

  16. i dream about the day the outlet/bins can reopen. there will be mountains of raw donations since the stores wont have the space…

  17. That was a really good video. You got yourself some great deals! I'm curious about how you found the deals…was any of it in clearance or just sales? Hmmm… Maybe how to shop arbitrage in the next video.

  18. I can only imagine how the thrifting will be since it seems like so many people are purging during the quarantine!

  19. I love the gift card Idea! Thanks 😀

  20. hey you ! Thanks for all the good tips !

  21. Great video!! Thank you for sharing! I find your attitude and mood always very inspirational! In case you need a video idea – I would love to see how you list on eBay ! You absolutely must be a listing champ and it would be amazing if you could screen share how you list so many items! Many blessings!

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