Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage | Analyzing The Deals At FBAop | FBAop

Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage | Analyzing The Deals At FBAop | FBAop

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Hello, my name is Matthew Urbaniak. I am an online reseller. I comb the internet in the search for online deals that I can buy and resell at a higher price. This practice is known in the reselling community as “Online Arbitrage.” You can also do the same thing at physical store locations; that is called “Retail Arbitrage.” I find 100’s of deals daily that one could flip for a profit on sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Mercari or Poshmark. So I created as an outlet for me to publish any deals that I will not be flipping to anyone who would like a potentially profitable opportunity to resell. is completely free, there is no cost to use. Subscribe to the channel and check out my website.

In this episode I analyze several amazingly profitable products that you can flip and make money online. Some of the products sell a few hundred units per month. We post at least 10 items a day. The more our users come back and use our site the more we will work to increase the quantity and quality of deals on a daily basis, Our goal is to be at a point where we are publishing 100’s of deals daily for our users. Help us reach that deal target and come back to on a daily basis.

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ROI = Return on Investment


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4 Thoughts to “Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage | Analyzing The Deals At FBAop | FBAop”

  1. Once you add fba fees , those profits got wiped out

  2. Awesome! Maybe on the next video show Keepa as well 😊

  3. I'm a new Amazon seller been at it just a little over a month now, working on getting ungated in groceries and beauty now.
    One of the items on FBAop I'm merchant fulfilling, cost me just over $31 dollars with an 24% ROI after shipping and all fees. Only trouble I'm having is that I bought up all the product within a hundred miles and the stores have no idea if or when I'll get more of the item in.

  4. Excellent source to find deals, i use it all the time, thank you Matthew!

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