One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee

One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee

In this episode of “Tea With GaryVee,” things get a bit emotional. There was a lot of advice around mental health and perspective during these challenging times. Nobody has truly been preparing for this situation and we are all adapting in real-time… some of us better than others. There is a ton of value in this video for rewiring your perspective on the things going on right now so please watch until then end and enjoy!


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32 Thoughts to “One Question to Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost | Tea with GaryVee”

  1. Y'all were deep in the trenches for this one

  2. I don’t think Laura is self pitying, she is just in great pain, recovery is a tough path. God bless you GaryVee x

  3. Truly inspiring.
    Check out some amazing business and motivation related videos on YouTube.

  4. I can honestly say Idk to every one of the typical passion questions example what do you love, idk. What doesn’t feel like work, idk what’s your truth, idk what can you do for hours at a time, idk what would you do for free, idk I’m literally lost and confused 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Omg Gary….. Im crying coz of the playstation. 💗

  6. This is outstanding brotha! 💯

  7. Bless the kid man so many ranges of people learning from Garyvee humble words.

  8. Lady said Gary is such an asshole haha. Sometimes tough love is the best move

  9. Gary has honestly motivated me so much in not losing my creative drive for being an entrepreneur, artist and content creator. My youtube channel is growing & would love for you all to check it out. I always follow back & send support your way. Lets get it y'all !!! xo

  10. Lives improved by Gary: countless

  11. The talk with the playstation kid gave me fucking goosebumps

  12. What platform are you using to record these?

  13. Gary Vee- I made a single video on my channel, and it is the only video I ever made. Specifically for you Gary Vee. Please respond, I am very heated.

    Guys I have made a motivational video on will Smith please do check.

  15. GaryV, I am so glad I finally find you because I have been learning to improve myself for 5 years but ended up learning from so many fake guru, scam, frauds who pretend to be multi millionaires teaching viewers bullshi*…Yes for 5 years I still haven't found someone who is a real expert but I didn't give up, I just keep learning and looking and recognize the scammers frauds on YouTube. Nowadays it is so difficult to find a true real-time honest mentor to learn from, because the Many frauds on YouTube are always giving out unrealistic advice that viewers will only find out after awhile, or after viewers try their fake advice..took me 5 years to find you who is the real millionaire giving out realistic real time advice….I am So grateful and happy finally find your YouTube videos, GaryV!!! The best is yet to come.

  16. Gary you the man, I have always enjoyed the content that you put out and the inspiration and hope that you bring to us all. (Especially during these times right now.) I finally started my own channel during this quarantine which is something that I have wanted to do forever. It is becoming something that I can pour endless hours of energy into and I feel lucky to have this now. Thanks for being one of the first people to inspire me!

  17. Awesome @GaryVee Many Thanks People Need the Lift at this Time Even More. Check Out Gary"s Complete video selection for a World of Wisdom. Rick Heon Linkedin Global Ambassador Of Travel, Top 1% TripAdvisor

  18. Appreciate this people around you That are sharing their knowledge and encouraging people. Thank you Gary!

  19. is it just me, or was dude not thankful for that PlayStation??


  20. Gary!! i feel really lost! ive been tuned grabbing tea! and I would love to receive a call from you!! I've tried to reach u out! but I cant!! please!! how!

  21. That ability to communicate and execute on empathy is so important. SO important. SO important.

  22. Flip book intro. Super cool!

  23. What a great show. Outstanding!

  24. Gary trying to fix the curtain 😂😂

  25. Holy moly he just bought a PS for someone. So good!

  26. To be completely real. If information was transparent and everyone was on top of their shit, there'd be way more competition. I like it how it is in the world lol People bitching about their problems. In a fucked up way big and small companies in every industry tap into the compulsive nature of humans. Macroeconomy in a bottle right there. sssh, don't tell anyone but I'm gonna work remote and live in the mountains somewhere and grow my own damn vegetables. I live in Tokyo now, but it's the same bullshit everywhere in big cities. Fuck it.

  27. the young man is the first person in his world to pop their head out of the bubble and see the real world.his culture literally ridicules you for trying to break out or be better in a different way than what everyone in it knows. he's not from the dirt he's in the mud where it sticks to you and holds you back. he's now emerging into a new community with minutes he's never encountered. he's not even aware of how unaware he is he doesn't even know what he should be looking to find out..its like he was dropped off on an alien planet and simply asking what do we do here in this world. the advice he needed is that he needs to imagine a future he wants to live, set a long term goal with short term checkpoints and spend his life figuring out everything he needs to see that future and work his ass off for it.

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