Office Depot Gave Me a Retail Arbitrage Deal for Amazon FBA

Office Depot Gave Me a Retail Arbitrage Deal for Amazon FBA

Office Depot Gave Me a Retail Arbitrage Deal for Amazon FBA. This is how i make money online with retail arbitrage at office depot. I am selling on amazon and find clearance items to flip. This is my e commerce online business.

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15 Thoughts to “Office Depot Gave Me a Retail Arbitrage Deal for Amazon FBA”

  1. What are the headphones upc?

  2. What are the upc for all these pens?

  3. You did get what dropped out of your pocket while relaxing??
    Dang I need some pens for myself. Might just have to go & see if I can find me some cheapy ones🙌👏🙌

  4. Great video, great finds and profit. Love your videos. Thumbs up.

  5. Do people still not understand that you're (I assume) deducting your mileage at the rate of 58.5 cents per mile? You could drive a Hellcat for less than that.

  6. I do crazy awesome at Office Depot, but I don't buy things that you would think of. Plus, I have gotten chummy with 2 managers at my local store so I can often get additional discounts. Its all about relationships and you have to think outside the box. 😉

  7. Logitech is crazy with IP claims…

  8. What time of day do you go shopping at Office Depot? I never see any other customers in the entire store, lol.

  9. Thank you for another great video!

  10. @3:49 If you pull up the OD app, you can SCAN any item to see the price. You're welcome. 😉

  11. Shane, it would probably help the folks that are asking the questions if you kept a driving and gas log for a week or so and then adjusted that number across all the items purchased and sold in the same period. That way the viewers can see what the percentage looks like and how low it actually is compared to actual gross, and net for that matter, sales in the same time frame. I think the assumption out there is that it’s high relative to the sales. That would be true ONLY if these handful of items were the only things you sold in a week. However, as you have stated many times, this is but a small portion of what you sell. Therefore the gas expense is spread across ALL TOTAL sales in that period. The sheer volume the percentage drive that number way down.

  12. " How much gas did u use Shane " Thanks

  13. Hey Shane, Can you show us how you pack your boxes for Amazon FBA?

  14. My favorite part was the nap aisle! That was funny. Great job rolling your cart looking for profits…which you found. Informative video.

  15. Haven’t had luck at my Office Depot. Glad you’re having some Shane🤑

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