Nordstrom Clothing Liquidation! Brand New Items to Sell on Poshmark!

Nordstrom Clothing Liquidation! Brand New Items to Sell on Poshmark!

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Valid now through June 30, 2019!

**There were some Macy’s brands thrown in to show variety.

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36 Thoughts to “Nordstrom Clothing Liquidation! Brand New Items to Sell on Poshmark!”

  1. I really enjoy your videos Lindsey 💙 how much was that box? 😊

  2. I checked the site out I was disappointed to find out they want you to pay for a membership. No thanks

  3. Lindey, just finished reading all the comments below. This is first time writing anything negative, your videos are on point and so helpful. It is so wrong for you to accept a free box and be able to give a true opinion. I am glad it was not just me thinking this.

  4. I have really enjoyed your videos until this one. I am sure when this company asked you to give your thoughts on a box they made sure to make it as good as they could. I agree with responses below, it should be anonymously, and I am surprise you would do this. You have always been fair, but do not agree doing it with a company that has asked you. Come on now. Sorry do not agree. Really surprise.

  5. how much was the box that too reviewed? How much for the coupon.

  6. Yeah, I'm not paying for the privilege of buying from them.

  7. Love your little pockets dance 😂

  8. You got taken 😳 most of those brands are Macy’s brands with bottom of the barrel Nordstrom stuff thrown in…

  9. Just keep the ones you like for yourself. They were free for you and no way that's the norm box. Especially with everyone complaining. It's impossible for a liquidator to maintain high quality when they have to take what they get from the vendors. I'm surprised that you suddenly want to sell clothes again. You were saying you wanted to go a different direction with your videos, but no?

  10. I’ve purchased from Indo before and will do so again. In my experience You have to expect about half the box will be great the other half just ok or things you will give to friends/family or keep for yourself because the return may not be worth the listing effort. I had a couple of items that had flaws in my box and I contacted them and their customer service was AMAZING! They replaced the items (and then some) quickly and without hesitation (I did attach pics of flaws to my email). I feel very confident buying from them again because I believe that they really want to do a good job and will rectify and problems. They ship quickly too!

  11. I won a box from an IG giveaway and it was AMAZING!! I got a $495 Derek Lam dress in there! I plan to purchase one very soon!

  12. A Z

    Buying anonymous is the only true fair review criteria. I believe those reviews.

  13. Not impressed from a resellers point of view there's no profit. I agree with one of the other comments they knew they were sending it to you so they probably sent their best stuff and if this is their best why would we be interested because we wouldn't make any money. Happy you got a free box of clothes though…

  14. Hi! Great video!! Maybe I missed it but why did you stop selling clothing on eBay?

  15. Lindey, I think you should order a box anonymously, as well, and see if the quality of the items is the same. I agree that you may have been sent a box to impress your viewers. Me personally, I would not buy from them as I thought $249 was way too expensive for those items. Maybe you would break even. I do much better sourcing on my own, but maybe it's a good idea for someone with inadequate sourcing choices. In any case, great video, as always!

  16. Hi Lindey, Have not seen you lately, Looking Sweet

  17. And BTW I love that shirt you are wearing

  18. Hi Lindey I buy all my Nordstrom stuff online. It’s so simple to do. And great prices

  19. why have you stopped selling clothes on ebay

  20. M M

    How much did you paid for the box and how much for shipping

  21. There are soooo many liquidation/wholesale companies popping up and I just will not pay to buy from one of these companies that gets their inventory for pennies on the dollar. Thank you for the video but no thank you on the company! They need to get their heads out of the sand if they think resellers are going to pay to buy from them…especially at these prices. Please pass that on to Indotrading. And, thank you , Lindey.

  22. It took me 15 minutes to even find a pallet listing on their website! Incredibly counterintuitive.

  23. Not impressed with the box from a reseller point of view.

  24. There is another youtube reseller on here that sells on Posh and Ebay. She has been getting liquidation boxes of new sealed in package clothing, makeup and jewelry. She says she gets to use their pictures and descriptions so it is alot easier for her and she is getting great products and selling a lot of items. She will not reveal the company or companies she buys from though. That is more what I am wanting to buy but no one it seems like is doing a video on this. As far as this company I would be afraid of them. I am in the same boat as a lot of people in that we have no good yard sales and no Goodwill's in my area. We do have a Value Village but it is not that great so buying online and having the box delivered to me would be wonderful if I could get goof stuff that I can make a profit on. Buying yard sell clothes or Goodwill clothes cheap is getting harder to sell on Ebay or Posh because you have sellers that sell new clothes at the same price as the used clothes. I guess more sellers are doing new clothes liquidation now. It is getting harder to make a profit.

  25. There a good site, but since they blowed up. There prices are ridiculous high.

  26. Why didn't you tell us your cost and how many items you got? These brands are only gonna fetch Average $20.

  27. Lindey, it’s time for you to visit the stores here! We have a Nordstrom Rack! Now I need to check out these sales. Ha!

  28. GN

    Did not get a good feeling from the website. It’s hard to navigate to get info before making a decision. You have to pay a membership fee and there are two levels. What level did you pay for? After the membership fee and what I saw in the box you got that I additionally have to buy; it’s not worth it for me. I wish you would have gone into more detail about the membership fee. I understand there are boxes that are offered without membership but i would think they are not going to be worth the money. There is too much mystery and unknowns for me to purchase. Thanks for the video. I do appreciate your time and the information you put out for us. 🙂💜

  29. I have purchased 2 boxes from them. The first one was good to okay and I thought I would give it one more shot. My last box was kinda crappy to be honest. Some didn't have tags at all. The pieces that they send are a repeat of what everyone else gets so it's starting to flood the market. The pieces that are $30 and under don't sell they are basic and you can't even get your money back out of them. I would say if you are going to buy a box be prepared to be a little disappointed and to make a profit takes forever. It's not worth it in my opinion. I did like the convenience of delivery to my door. Also the boxes stink really bad I had to unload the clothes and burn the boxes each shipment was that way.

  30. Nice haul, but I have to agree, they were sure to send you a good box to show. Plus, I don’t get the idea that I have to spend 340 bucks to get to see what I can buy on their site… hmmm

  31. To highlight on another subs comment. I think if you’re going to do these videos; should buy from the site anonymously to keep it fair, so the site doesn’t know they’re sending it to you. This was you see what a sub with no social presence or platform would get ❤️🥰 keeping it 💯

  32. Interested because they have different categories to choose from but not going to pay a membership just to have an opportunity to buy from them. They would generate more sales by letting anyone purchase from them or at least display their items for sale so people can decide if worth joining first.

  33. It says before I can even buy anything I have to create an account. So I did, After I signed up I got a message that a link was sent to my mailbox to sign in. Checked inbox and spam, noting arrived. I emailed them and let them know, I never received the link. I have not heard back. So if just creating an account is this hard I wonder what it is like if an order gets messed up. I signed up because of Lindey but now Im not so sure about this site.

  34. INC is a macy’s in house brand. False advertising cause it’s a mix of Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack.

  35. Nice box, but I'm wondering why they have INC in there? That's a Macy's private label brand, not Nordstrom's.

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