Nike Outlet Winter Garden was Legit!!!!

Nike Outlet Winter Garden was Legit!!!!

I can say I only been to the Nike Outlet Winter Garden a handful of times, but every time I have when it has been legit. Peep this video to see a ton of Nike and Jordan collabs for 20% off. Let me know what you guys think? I also got my son with me, enjoy the video homies.

For questions hit me up below.

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20 Thoughts to “Nike Outlet Winter Garden was Legit!!!!”

  1. HI .I want to buy some shoes from you.Please let me know.I'm from Morocco

  2. Yo man. Appreciate your videos dude. I just stumbled upon your videos and love that you do a thorough scouting of outlets in Orlando. I live in Gainesville and it's a little farther, so if I go to Orlando, it's gotta be for something good to make it worth the trip. When do you drop new content? Again, lovin' the access you give us through the internet.

  3. Ray blk playing in the background gotta love it

  4. Outlets in Houston suck.. never good shoes..

  5. Much respects to u man✊🏿 I think u one of the dopest outlets vlogger

  6. Those Jordan 15s are clean on your feet makes me wanna get a pair

  7. The Nike outlet near me DON’T EVER have SHIT and there are 2 near me they suck

  8. Do you go to the Nike on international I live in Orlando and go to that one only pretty much

  9. Cool daddy moments. Great dedication for providing great content.

  10. 🤗👐👐👐daddy who u talkin to? Lol the #BallinArmy lol

  11. I dig those obsidian jointz just a bit too 🤑

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