NEW Yoast SEO Tutorial 2020 (BEST SETTINGS) How to Setup Yoast WordPress

This is an updated Yoast Tutorial as of September 2019!
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Learn how to use the amazing yoast plugin! The yoast plugin helps optimize your wordpress website for search engines like google and bing. You can change the way your website appears in the search engines. It can really increase the organic growth of your website as well. In this yoast seo tutorial, i will cover all the things you need to know about the yoast SEO plugin!


6:18 – Creating OPTIMAL Settings
17:12 Google Verification
21:21 – Page Optimization

Let me know your experience with the yoast seo plugin. I have used it over many years and its a pretty simple plugin to use thats very user friendly!

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42 Thoughts to “NEW Yoast SEO Tutorial 2020 (BEST SETTINGS) How to Setup Yoast WordPress”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! If need any SEO tips or want to know anything about the tutorial, feel free to let me know in the comments below! See you in the tutorial :p EDIT: I probably should of edited me clearing my throat lol. oops!

  2. Is it necessary to write a page meta description such as the home page or do yoast do that for you? If so where can I put my snippet of information in on yoast?

  3. 17:02 I tried following along but search console isn’t an option on my dashboard.

  4. Just going through this now and so is the google console not required now ?

  5. Hello, Really Great Video for setting up Yoast – Is there any turotial for Setting up Yoast SEO Premium ? I purchased the Premium Plugin using GPL , It will be a great help if there is any Tutorial on that. ?

  6. I've gotten halfway through your instructions, and am so grateful for your step-by-step tutorial. Since my site isn't live yet, I'll need to go back to some things, but overall, the setup has been good. Thank you. I'm new to all this, so giving explanations helps BIG time. I may have to watch it a few more times before it clicks. But I know you explained it enough to get it. Also, I'm glad you're using Elementor. I look forward to watching that video as well.

  7. I am writing this in the hope that I will get a response. In this tutorial you kept talking about "POSTS", what if you aren't blogging or writing articles, what if you only have an online shop, would you still need this plug-in (if was a similar thing on your Rank Math tutorial)?

  8. Thank you! Could i know how long does it takes for google to update the changes we made?

  9. It is a shame that the tutorial is a bit outdated and that some things are a bit different now. I hope I did a good job, either way. The info was still great.

  10. Может кто знает, где EnotGlobal можно скачать крякнутый?

  11. I have remove the category prefix now the posts not showing help

  12. Thank you for your wonderful tutorial, meanwhile i bought yoast seo premium on MYWPTOOL.COM and with your help i was able to make full use of it.

  13. One more question! is there a meta tag to use for Bing, or does it automatically get verified? Thank you!

  14. DONT TRY THIS!!! I watched the video until the end and did exactly what this idiot did and guess what…The titles the descriptions they were exactly as before i didi this thing, nothing changed. After some hours I gave up.

  15. My website is it is a gamer tips site for gamers. Darrel says that lots of old people use bing but I ask myself: Which type of old person plays video games? so I said: Adding my website to bing sucks. I'm not going to do it.

  16. I dont have an option that says search console
    pls help

  17. Darrel, this is a fantastic tutorial video! Thanks for sharing your experience to help. Thanks so much for making it FUN!! 🙂

  18. this is the best tutorial ever

  19. Awesome! Can you do one for the Yoast Wocommerce SEO Plugin?

  20. hi, really love your way of explaining ,after watching your yoast seo my every new product becoming orphaned content ,
    before that i was posted almost 140 products but now i dont understand why product becoming orphaned content as i set %%title%% %%sep%% %%sitename%% and after that every new product becoming orphaned ,
    waiting for your advice
    my site is thanks

  21. Hi Darrel, does the SEO part has to be all green? You skip the focus keyp hrase and seems ok, mine still orange from the key phrase, even after I fill it up (by the way yours is grey?). Pls advise…thx

  22. Hey man. Brilliant video. I'm creating a woocommerce page. With the seo bit on yoast when adding products do you pay much attention to the seo section. Im getting mixed info. Do you just fill in the title, meta, long and short description and price and google will find the page as its in your shop or should you fill in everything to get as many green lights as possible. I see videos about filling in woo but not using the two together. If you have a link to a video I'd be very happy to watch it. Keep up the great videos

  23. I didn't find Search Console on Yoast SEO
    on my panel !

  24. Hi Darrel. The video is very helpful…. But im trying the search consolde part after entering the URL, but i am not getting the Auhtorization code page.. The tab for Search Console under the Yoast menu is not there. How do i go about getting the Authorization code and where should i copy paste it ?

  25. I didn't find Search Console on Yoast SEO
    on my panel !

  26. Thank you for this tutorial it saved me a lot of time!! cheers

  27. Hi, yoast no longer has search console settings, what do you advice?

  28. Hi Darrel, great video! The Yoast menu on my wordpress dashboard doesn't have an option for Search Console. Is this a premium Yoast feature? Any advice on how to authenticate my website without it? Many thanks!

  29. Super detailed tutorial! Thanks for sharing

  30. Thank you for your great tutorial I learned so much. I took your advice and added bing.

  31. Detailed explanation about yoast setting super

  32. Hi we are using the premium version and we cannot verified or past search console cod as you explain in the video, The search console link menu is not exist, Do you no why? Thanks

  33. Hi Darrel. A very good tutorial especially in the way that you explain all of the configuration options. Many of those could be easily missed.

  34. Hi Darrel, how I can no index tags URL of my blog in google?

  35. Thanks alot it is really helpful

  36. Hi Darrell. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a problem in that I don't have 'search console' in my dashboard. I been doing all you suggested as you've gone along buy dont know what I've done wrong. Any ideas

  37. A truly amazing tutorial, I was so lost.

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