[NEW] Rapid Facebook Ads Testing Method 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

[NEW] Rapid Facebook Ads Testing Method 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping

In this video I will show you a new Facebook ads testing strategy you can use to find winning products

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In this video I will show you a new rapid facebook ads testing method you can use to find winning products a lot faster. This method is different from how most people are using fb ads. If you are shopify dropshipping then testing products is something you have to do.

But it’s easy to burn through money, so this method will help you spend less while still finding shopify products worth testing and scaling.

If you are dropshipping with shopify or want to make money with shopify then you need to watch this vid


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25 Thoughts to “[NEW] Rapid Facebook Ads Testing Method 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping”

  1. Brother, where you show campaign’s structure. You have 5 adsets with the same interest. Each adset has 3 products. In each adset you have the same interest and the same 3 products? Why 5 adsets instead of one? Different audience pockets? Or am I not following it?

  2. Is it me or I don't get this strategy? If you have 1 adset with 3 different product creatives. what is the point of duplicating this adset 10 times? Because you are not changing anything right? Or do you have 10 different creatives of each product? So that way you're basically testing 10 different creatives at the same time?

  3. So while testing with the same interest. Do you suggest using a much more general or a broad interest? Since we need to account for all 3 products.

  4. In the first few hours of testing, is it normal that I havnt gotten that many clicks or any data?

  5. 10:05 makes absolutely no sense because you could still have a good product and a good ad but a bad interest.

  6. When you test so many different products, how much time does it take you to write all the product descriptions? Or do you not put too much effort into the descriptions until you have found one that works?

  7. L K

    Why we are testing same interest across all ad sets, this means all the ad-sets are competing with each other but it's good idea to test different interest.?

  8. You should explain better that the 3 products are 3 different ads within each ad set as it's confusing some people. But do correct me if I'm wrong

  9. KYA

    the best facebiij ads testing method i see in youtube

  10. This is exactly what Sam Ovens teaches! He dups 10X same ad set with the same interest, used to work like a charm last Q4. Is that still working for you tho?

  11. I will try this method in my store! thanks beast!

  12. What's the point of having multiple ad set with same interest across them all?

  13. I have just one question about the method. It was written that we need $100.Are these $100 for one month or?

  14. this is a great video and really gonna try it out

  15. I love the clarity and delivery of the information. Thank you…

  16. Super valuable video ! Maybe im the one who's most in need of that $50 because im living in 3rd world lol 👏🏾 keep it up man!

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