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Oh, Hey there! If you’re new here, my name is Anthony Groeper.

I run a six-figure Instagram Marketing Agency and when I first started making these videos it was just for a small handful of people who requested it because they were trying to grow their pages like crazy, but had no clue what to do..

Since then, those few people I started making videos for has turned into an ARMY! An Army of people determined to grow their Instagram accounts and turn it into a machine that will give them a freedom paycheck.

What’s a freedom paycheck? It’s when your making enough money from Instagram that you can quit your job, and live on your terms. You have the freedom to live out your passions, without being tied down to a job, or anyone. I have received hundreds of emails/messages/etc… from people sharing results, growing their accounts, quitting their jobs, traveling the world all from these videos here. So I made it my goal to disrupt the current failing education system, and show people skills they can use to operate in this new, digital world.

If you’ve landed on this channel, it’s probably because your trying to grow on IG, well, subscribe and welcome yourself into the family! And if you want a step by step guide to follow when it comes to growing and making money from Instagram quickly, your going to want to watch this –
(If your tired of wasting your time, and wasting your money trying to figure things out, this is perfect for you)

Welcome to the channel!



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  1. Subscribe, Like, and Comment to win a free Instagram coaching call! We have already had 2 winners… who's next??

  2. I check this website out not bad I saw my engagement rate And it was extremely low I been pretty consistent With my post but my stuff just isn’t get the right exposure could you please review my ig @papi_shampooo1991 and let me know how could I improve my account and grow

  3. How are we lucky if our question gets featured? You blur the username.

  4. Did you do the social info vid? Pls do.

  5. Guys I’m trying to get 1000 likes on my post on Instagram so I can get a puppy. My username is @sparklyalberto please like and share it would mean so much

  6. So today I posted a new post as usual and went to check several hashtags that I normally use and realize I can't see my posts in any of those hashtags. (it appeared at first but then disappeared when I refreshed) Then, I used my friend's acc (who is following me) to check and they too can't see my latest post in the hashtags. I deleted the post after a few minutes after that.

    Then hours later, I tried uploading a blank photo to test whether I got out of the shadowban using the same hashtag and I used a dummy acc (not following me) and I can see my blank post. So does this mean I'm shadowbanned or not? I did mix up my hashtags. didn't use any banned ones and didn't spam anyone, nor did I follow/unfollow anyone so I'm not sure why this is happening………….

    so 24 hours later I deleted my blank photo and tried uploading the original post again and this time IT DOESN'T SHOW on the hashtags again! I'm so upset bc my account was doing rly well lately :/

  7. give us the social info !

  8. subscribed cause I love your honesty! WOW! Thanks for the no BS info! Ready to try this!

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  12. Do you get charged for Social info even if you cancel the 7 day trial?

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  14. in 4 to 5 days got 450 followers from hashtags but they kept banning me sometimes for like 5hours but it doesnt stop me

  15. I would really like to see a video about hackers, and how to avoid getting hacked

  16. Really great video!!!!!! Do you think you could check out my Instagram and telling me what you think? IG=tony_elitefit

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  18. My insta @MrMuzzlesNYC all organic. Thanks for your tips!

  19. Great info, I want to use Social Info!!!

  20. Amazing video, keep it up🤙🏻

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  24. As usual, Anthony answers everything you need to know about IG

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  29. No hashtags are working for me. Not for the last week :/ Shadow ban 😩

  30. V T

    i wanto the video about how to get the most out of hashtags

  31. V T

    i want to be the next to get a call! Thanks for your content from Russia!

  32. What should I do to improve my page @hoopsknight?

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  41. 5 to 10 hashtags on stories dont work. 
    The most you can post on stories is maybe 2 to 3. 
    If you post more it doesn't work.

  42. Anthony good advice will give this a try.

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