New Facebook Ads Strategy For 2020 – Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

New Facebook Ads Strategy For 2020 - Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

In this video I cover a brand new Facebook Ads strategy that takes advantage of a brand new Facebook ads feature – campaign budget optimization (CBO). If you’d like to learn how to PROPERLY use this new feature to lower your cost per result with your Facebook ads, be sure to watch the video!

If you’re wondering why the title says 2020 and the video says 2019, it’s because I made this video in 2019, but the strategy is still new, most people still don’t know about it or how to take advantage of it, and I still believe it is the best strategy currently for 2020.
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35 Thoughts to “New Facebook Ads Strategy For 2020 – Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)”

  1. Great video, thanks! I have a question about the campaign/ad set/ variations, should variations include only eg 3 copies of same ad with variation or would it be worth using 1 campaign, 3 ad sets (audiences) and 3 ads x 3 variations. Or is it worth doing a campaign for each ad type with it's one variations? Also if some ad sets or ad variations are not working well I am able to turn these off? * How do I collect the social proof with this strategy? *

  2. Thank you billy, one question: What would be better if I found the best ad set and want to increase the budget? Shall I increase the budget on the previous campaign or make a new copy of the ad set? thx

  3. Your channel is underrated, brother. You deserve way more views but glad im here before everyone else 😉

  4. K A

    I don't see how can I use this video, no real budget setup….waste of time.

  5. I learned from your 16-minute video much more than what I have learned in the last 4 weeks. Thanks, Billy!

  6. what do you guys suggest i test in the ad set? just the audience?

  7. Why aren't you using post engagement ad while leveraging a landing page to capture your own leads instead of capturing through FB lead form? All the research I've done shows FB lead forms are a waste of money. I've tested this myself. Yes FB lead forms are way cleaner and user-friendly being that it loads FB user information. But I've only seen them cost a ton.

    I mean if it's high ticket items like cosmetic surgery, electronics etc, then I guess a lead at $22 isn't bad. But for most small businesses using Facebook, that's an insane amount to pay. For example, hair salon, retail shop furniture store, nail salon, party entertainment venue etc.

    I mean right now I'm capturing emails via FB at under.30 each. I'm really not here discredit you but everyone else does it differently for cheaper. Can you explain why you are opposed to other optimizations?

  8. Hey Billy, great video! I have a question, if i want to continue using the best performing ads, what is the best way to do so? will it be okay if i decided to pause the ads that are underperforming, and just continue the ads that are best performing?

  9. If set $15 for a CBO campaign, with 4 adsets. Is this too low?

  10. so the only way i can use CBO is if my ads have been successful in the past ? or did i miss something

  11. Thanks for this Billy, I really appreciate it!

  12. How much should I spend to get leads from a potential customer?

  13. great tip, thanks Billy i love your videos!!

  14. what if the client has no data yet for leads? Never used FB ads before? Would you run a straight traffic campaign to optimize for landing page views until you get about 25 leads per week, then switch over to a conversion campaign??

  15. I know you live in Overland Park, KS. Cool thing is I’m in Kansas City, MO😎

  16. Has anyone done smm for trucking companies? If so is it a good niche to be in

  17. CBO is the logical thing m i though it was always that way but no, is a new thing .

  18. Hey, billy love your content. Been some of the best I've found while doing my research. One question I have is how would you set up your facebook pixel if your local business client doesn't have a website just a facebook page?

  19. Please can you reveal the name of the software you use for making your lovely video? 🙏🙏

  20. Hi billy, i'm a huge fan of your videos as you are one of the only social media marketers on youtube that seems legit. Im thinking about buying your course

  21. Love your videos! But how do you keep your clients engaged and provide consistent results? For example, if I run Facebook ads for a dental clinic in the 1st month that offer free cleaning, what would I do for the next month? And the month after that?

  22. I already have adsets that are performing well and they are all using the same video/post, would you still recommend creating ad variations when duplicating them into a CBO?

  23. Which state is WilsonMedia incorporated in?

  24. When you get a Billy Willson as on a Billy Willson video XD
    Just a quick question… In your experience with gym clients, what works best for follow-up. I have generated 110+ leads for just £50 this week but want to make sure as many as possible come in without being too forceful with follow up calls/texts/emails. We are just sending 1 initial email with their voucher code atm. I would appreciate the help. Thanks <3

  25. I am not getting any sales using facebook ads even i am spending 30$ per day.

  26. loving the content lately billy – it's 🔥🔥🔥🔥 been here since the start! that alone motivates me to keep going with youtube even when the going aint that great! thank you

  27. Just to make this clear – since this is a NEW feature you have to take into consideration this may not work perfectly yet. It’s just something to test and compare for now until they make it mandatory. Since it’s so new it may take a few months or until they make it mandatory for it to be perfect.

    So if you have issues of it choosing the right ad at the start that may happen.

    Your main ad may just be getting more engagement and clicks that’s why it’s focused on it. 2 ways to fix is either wait longer and spend more money. Or create a new campaign with your best ad set only in it.

    Obviously Facebook will improve at this over time as right now this feature is pretty much in beta and learning from all the data from all the advertisers.

  28. So all of what you talked about is assuming that FB will optimize efficiently, however my agency has been running ads for a client and it spent $7 (and growing) on an ad that only generated one lead, whereas another generated 3 leads off of $0.30 and it's barely touching it. Has this happened to anyone else?

  29. Can you do a step by step video plz

  30. I was waiting for this video… 😉 you’re my guy when it comes to learning anything smma related, once I have the money on hand I’ll be buying your course

  31. very precious, valuable video

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