My story with #garyvee : Dallas 2019

My story with #garyvee : Dallas 2019

Each of us has a unique story.

There are moments within that have tested each of us to dig deep and harness our inner tenacity.

Tough, real-life moments where you question your purpose, your self-worth. You ask yourself “What am I doing?”

A recent quote that has resonated so much for me:
“Life happens FOR us, not TO us.”

Do not let one moment define you. Do not let it be the last chapter in your book.

Own your “L”.

Embrace it. Feel that pain and hurt so you know what it tastes like and know how much you hate it. But in that same bite, understand how much you are gaining from that experience and how much stronger you are for it.

Now take that L and double down on your strengths to set on a path of success.

Proud to share with my hashtag#linkedinfam, an incredible chapter in my life that includes the mistakes, the failures, the pain, the growth and success.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a major part of this chapter, but he is not my entire story. I am gracious for his words of wisdom & support.

The long game is the only game in town.

This is my thank you note to not just GVee and David Rock but to my tribe for your continued support me and of course to my wife.

Thanks for coming along for the ride & can’t wait for you to see what I have planned for 2020!

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