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3 Thoughts to “My Favorite Form of Online Arbitrage & Why”

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  2. Hey Bryan have you ever had issues with Amazon blocking your ability to review a product? Running into this right now as I'm trying to write a review for a cashback website. I've been doing reviews for free products for a year now I'm not sure why they blocked me now.

  3. Hey bri good video. I was curious to to see what ur favorite was to lol. Quick question for u though. In books this yr with this whole virus thing do u have any idea when text season will be this yr. will it be September or will it be over the summer like July and aug. have u head anything. Im definitely going with retail sites like u told me. I do want to throw books in there to as well. One last question as a new seller at what point would u get a repricer. Would u reprice daily like twice a day just starting out. And do u reprice books urself or have a repricer do that for u to.

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