My eBay Dropshipping Stores [Update on My Sales]

My eBay Dropshipping Stores [Update on My Sales]

This is a quick video to share with you an update on how one of my eBay dropshipping stores has been doing after coming back from Vacation mode!

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23 Thoughts to “My eBay Dropshipping Stores [Update on My Sales]”

  1. Paul, my eBay DS store is doing 90-100k per month in rev. I run a team of VAs like what you’re talking about in this video as opposed to each one working individually. We should chat about that sometime. Hit me up and let’s chat.

  2. My promoted listings started again as well. Same time.

  3. Hello Paul, I get the invoice from my supplier in aliexpress to resolve the mc011 restriction, but it shows the original price that is not in Ebay, should I fraud the invoice, ie change the price or upload like that to ebay

  4. Hey Paul I love your videos. I put my store on vacation for almost five months it has been hell trying to get the sales I once had. I didnt know that when you put your account on vacation mode ebay counts your selling rate. I went from above standards to below standards. I spoke to ebay about this I feel cheated because I was still paying the monthly fees. I think ebay should come up with something to protect sellers. What do you think?

  5. eBay practically unflagged majority of accounts around 24th July onwards, that's why your seeing more impressions again on your promoted listings, if it will last who knows only eBay. In terms of the main topic vacation on then off – I found it had an adverse effect when I did it and sales dropped significantly and never went back to pre-vacation mode levels. My advice: If you can get VA's to cover for you do that instead of opting for vacation mode, not worth the risk especially when you have a store as significant as yours.

  6. Hey Paul please help. I been out of pay pal hold for 8 months 100 percent feedback above standard but lately pay pal puts a hold on the money every 2 or 3 orders I don't know why what am I doing wrong I only sell a few items a week lower cost

  7. Great content Paul,,also loved the video footage,I live on a 50 foot motoryacht and sea lions are my neighbors!! Just got SK and Fetch going,,still some glitches but I did a test listing onto ebay. Is it correct for it to show my home town in location,,I have followed the course and put in multiple,,just wondering.

  8. I had the same thing with me on 23 July. My list of views increased by 56 times

  9. AMAZING Paul!
    Very excited for you – I'd imagine you will see tremendous benefits from the hard work you're planning. Please do keep me posted. B'HATZLACHA!!

  10. I'm having the same issue. I'm using my flagged account because I thought was "healed" and my graphic was moving and having impressions and clicks, but since February to June I was selling organically eventhough all my items had 2% for PL.
    Last week I started to have a lot of promoted sales which is good.
    I think ebay is doing something, because I found it wierd all the sudden my PLings are really working

  11. To manage my VA's I actually have 2 managers working in an our office physically. So we currently have 27 VA's from the Philippines and they are great workers. Just paying two managers $45 an hour to manage all the different overseas people is key. It gave me more time to expand past eBay and amazon into Etsy and Shopify. So I think really just getting good people in America to manage even more people overseas is critical.

  12. Can you do a video about how the VA's do their work for you ? EX: what access do you give them ? how do they fill orders? credit cards? gift cards? and more details… Thank you very much for your input..

  13. Just pay them Commision of your profit to motovate them,if You pay them minimum wage they have no motivation 😱 or pay them more

  14. Paul, i admire you so much, please i want the best answer i can say after creating a new ebay account. when they ask for my suppliers and theirs names

  15. I knew that noise was gonna be a dog. hahaha You gotta love em but they are pests sometimes.

  16. More awesome content! Thanks so much Paul.

  17. Hey Paul, do you have any idea why your promo’s stopped/started working? After getting a listing removed for a copyrighted image my promoted impressions and sales have totally dropped off. Kinda worried my account is flagged. Hearing you say your impressions came back gives me some hope though

  18. paul please can i give you my godaddy website and fix my SEO plz

  19. Talk about ebay unflaging account please and what you think about it thanks 🙂

  20. Another great video Paul! Thanks!!

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