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27 Thoughts to “My eBay Account is Below Standard 😰| How I Fixed It!”

  1. i've been selling on eBay for over 10 years and i didn't know about the regional drop-down lol

  2. L B

    Thank you very much for sharing all of this info and when are going to do another Q&A?

  3. Thank you for a well informed video👍

  4. Paul so in the global shipping area were the customers reunded without having to return the items, so a good hit to your wallet also?

  5. Excellent information and very well presented. Thank you Paul I have learnt so much from you.

  6. I'm Above Standard, but this is good to know. I would've never known this without your info Paul. Thanks

  7. I just went below standard for cases closed without seller resolution.

  8. I am a Top Rated Seller but have 2 categories with massive return rates that I have to pay an extra fee in if I sell in them: Cell Phones and Video Game Consoles. I don't care because I don't sell in them anymore. But if I did, I would pay the 4% penalty (last I checked).

  9. hello, great video. can you please talk about service metrics on your next video. thanks, appreciate it.

  10. Hello Paul why on begging of a new account it shows at seller level unavailable and how to pass that, also on a new account the listing stays for 20h to show up on the page of ebay

  11. Nope, didn't know about the Global Region drop down and the separate affects issues can have.

  12. Hold is it a extra 5% on top of the 2.9% or 5% all together ?

  13. Great info. Didn't know about dropdown… Thanks

  14. i went below standard for canceling 5 orders last month… out of hundreds….

  15. I'm 3.54percent on cancelled/out of stock. Gutted man guess there's nothing i can do. If anyone can help please do

  16. Great video as always Paul. Thank you.

  17. Hello Paul. This was a great video. You told me things that I did not know about and frankly did not check for. I will now make sure that I check all of your recommendations you give and not just my overview page. Thanks again.

  18. The main reason my account got suspended forever was because of cancelled orders

  19. after being suspended for over eight months, I did call and ask if I could have my account reinstated, they said no, unless the policy changes

  20. My account level fell belowstandard on my main account for over six months and it got permanently banned, but I have a secondary account that I am keeping afloat although it is still below standard, it seems if I sell more than 10 items a month it stays unbanned

  21. Good night Paul love from India

  22. watching dropshipping become harder for everyone, too too sad

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